ⓘ 1920 United States Senate elections

1920 United States Senate election in Kansas

ⓘ 1920 United States Senate election in Kansas

The United States Senate elections of 1920 were elections for the United States Senate that coincided with the election of Warren G. Harding as President. There was also a special election in 1921. Democrat Woodrow Wilsons unpopularity allowed Republicans to win races across the country, winning ten seats from the Democrats, providing them with an overwhelming 59 to 37 majority. The Republican landslide was so vast that the Democrats failed to win a single race outside the South.

These elections are different, as it was the closest she was after the adoption of the seventeenth amendment, where the winning party in almost every Senate elections mirrored the winning party for his state in the presidential election in Kentucky is the only election did not represent their presidents lead. No other Senate elections in the presidential year will come close to repeating this feat until 2016. In these elections, all seats in the Senate a mirror of their States, the result for the presidency. By the way, it would be the same class in the Senate, class 3.