ⓘ Naumburg


ⓘ Naumburg

Naumburg is a town in the district Burgenlandkreis, in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, Central Germany. It has a population of around 33.000. The Naumburg Cathedral became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2018. This UNESCO designation recognizes the processes that shaped the European continent during the High Middle Ages between 1000 and 1300: Christianization, the so-called" Landesausbau” and the dynamics of cultural exchange and transfer characteristic for this very period.

  • Coadjutor of bishop John III of Naumburg After John died, Philip was appointed Bishop of Naumburg as well. He stayed in Naumburg for ten months. After that
  • World Race Walking Cup was held on 1 and 2 May 2004 in the streets of Naumburg Germany. Detailed reports on the event and an appraisal of the results
  • bound with the neighbouring Castle Naumburg In 1146, Raugrave Emicho named Graf von Nuenburc Count of Naumburg thus giving the castle its first
  • Margrave Eckard II. She is also called Uta of Naumburg as the subject of a famous donor portrait by the Naumburg Master. Little is known of Uta s descent.
  • and a Diplome Ecoles des Beaux Arts in 1903. His uncle was banker Elkan Naumburg He worked as a draftsman from 1896 to 1897 in the architectural firm of
  • 1517 Bishop of Naumburg - Zeitz. John was a member of the noble Schoenberg family, which provided several bishops to the dioceses of Naumburg and Meisse. He
  • Volkwin von Naumburg zu Winterstatten also Wolquin, Folkwin, Folkvin, Wolguinus, Wolgulin, Middle High German: Volkewin died 22 September 1236 was the
  • 1914 by Margaret Naumburg an educator who later became an art therapist. Claire Raphael Reis, a musician, was also involved. Naumburg who had been exposed
  • Brahms piano quintet with Derek Han, piano. The quartet won the Walter W. Naumburg Foundation Chamber Music award in 1979. In 1980 the New World String Quartet

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