ⓘ Upper Chichester Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Upper Chichester Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania

ⓘ Upper Chichester Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania

The Lenni Lenape Indians were the earliest occupants of Upper Chichester. They erected several semi-permanent villages in the area tied to fishing and hunting cycles with some farming.

In the upper part of Chichester took new Sweden in 1643 and of the Dutch in 1654, but both countries were the most interested in trade with the Lenni-Lenape Indians.

The first European settlers in upper Chichester was in 1681 under the grant in prisons of the land William Penn received from king Charles II. The first customers under the guidance of the Penns was fourteen English and Welsh, mainly the puritans.

The upper town of Chichester was originally a part of Chester County under the name of Chichester. Chichester was part of the territory now known as upper and Lower Chichester. It is named after the town of Chichester in West Sussex, England, from which many of its settlers came.

Upper Chichester township, at that time called "Chichester Liberty", considered by many to be one of the first settlements in the framework of the provision of land in Pennsylvania.

Among the first settlers of the township was Walter Martin, founder of the Church of St. Martin, in the late 17th century. The road from Chichester to Aston traversing the town almost due North, was laid out 1688, while the upper road Chichester was posted on Oct. 25, 1687. On the South-Western border of the territory was part of the 250 acres 100 hectares, which was located on 5 and 6 September 1681. "Twelve mile circle" circular Northern border of the state of Delaware the tract.

The division into upper and lower Chichester was made early in 1700 to facilitate public business. In 1753 an attempt was made to have a Department officially recognized. However, the movement was met with strong opposition from the leading citizens and landowners of Lower Chichester, stating that the town is in its current form was quite comfortable and need no separation. They further argued that recent work done to repair roads in Lower Chichester, and the need to provide a few beggars in the village was more important than the cost of the survey.

The case was allowed to drag on for six years, during which time the reasons for the official recognition of the separation of the two townships became apparent to all. In August 1759, a petition to formally separate the two townships was presented, bearing the signatures of almost every landowner in upper and lower Chichester as well as in Nether Providence.

Edwin Booth, a significant owner in the Upper town of Chichester, is the namesake for the city of Boothwyn within the boundaries of Upper Chichester township. Local Amish market in Pennsylvania "the corner booth" also derives its name and rests in the upper left corner of the cabin of the former land holdings.

Upper Chichester became the first class township on December 30, 1941.

Chichester friends meeting, listed in the national register of historic places.

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