ⓘ Preston Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania

Preston Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania

ⓘ Preston Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania

According to the United States Census Bureau, Preston Township has a total area of 51.546 sq mi 133.51 km 2, of which 49.419 sq mi 128.00 km 2 is land and 2.127 sq mi 5.510 km 2, or 4.126%, is water.

The town and its surroundings called the "mountain of Wayne" because it is particularly mountainous. About half the highest peak in the area, mount Ararat, is located in the village Orson the other half is in Belmont corners in mount pleasant township, as in the whole of sugarloaf mountain previously called Sugar loaf peak or Sugar loaf, is different, especially at the highest level.

It is also known for its abundance of lakes, most of which feed springs on the lake bottom. The result of this last fact, combined with the usual high height of two significant rivers of Pennsylvania, Lackawanna and Lackawaxen, start in Preston township. In particular, bone pond or Summit lake and lake Lorraine or five miles the pond in the village and independent Poyntelle lake, formerly known as the independence of the independent pond or water garden, and sometimes known today as lake independence or lake independent in Poyntelle and Orson three of the four sources of the Eastern branch in Lackawanna, while the West branch of the Lackawaxen rises from the merger of several small, unnamed streams in Poyntelle and Orson.

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