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Forbach is a commune in the department of Moselle in the northeastern French Region of Grand Est.

It lies on the border with Germany about 15 minutes from the centre of saarbrücken, Germany, with which it is cross-border conurbation, and is part of the Saar-Moselle Eurodistrict. According to the National 2011 census, Forbach had a population 21.954 residents who, including large urban areas, making it the largest city in the Eastern part of the Moselle.

Before the Schengen agreement, Forbach was a major border crossing, which was the customs procedure was carried out, both for road and rail transport and travel. Here, trains also change track sides from right-hand running left Germany in control of France. Since 2007, TGV and Ice high speed trains connecting Paris and Frankfurt has stopped in Forbach station, and passengers can now travel to Paris Gare de lest in 1 hour and 45 minutes and the German financial center and airport in Frankfurt and the Rhine-main metropolis in 2 hours.

Its location in the Saar-Warndt coal basin, which lies in the Eastern Moselle, Forbach made an important mining town, with offices Houilleres du Bassin de Lorraine coal Board, section of the French coal industry. When mining operations were closed in 2004, Forbach turned to activities in the field of tourism, service, energy and other industries to restore local economies. In "the minors - Wendel" in the neighbouring village of petite-Rosselle is a coal mining Museum which preserves the industrial and cultural heritage from the era of coal in Forbach region. He was awarded "exchange de France" quality mark in 2002.

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  • former footballer, who played as a goalkeeper. Bracigliano was born in Forbach Moselle. On 21 August 2014, Bracigliano was a third round pick in the
  • Jean - Marie Aubry born 3 April 1969 in Forbach Moselle is a French retired footballer. He currently plays for the French national Beach Football Team
  • Sophie Huber born November 26, 1985 in Forbach France is an Olympic swimmer from France. She swam for France at the 2008 Olympics. She also swam for
  • July 1988 in Forbach is a French - Moroccan football player, who plays for US Sarre - Union. Morabit began his career with Union Sportive Forbach and signed
  • valley of Mitteltal to Baiersbronn, where it swings into line with the Forbach which joins from the south. From here it is followed by the B 462 and the

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