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Theatre of the United Kingdom

Theatre of United Kingdom plays an important part in British culture, and the countries that constitute the UK have had a vibrant tradition of theatre since the Renaissance with roots going back to the Roman occupation.


19;29 Performance

19;29 was a London-based theatre company who specialised in making work in undiscovered or under-explored sites, interrogating the atmosphere and heritage of these spaces and making performances in response to them. The company was formed in 2005 by Artistic Directors Felix Mortimer and Susanna Davies-Crook.


Albert Saloon

The Albert Saloon was a theatre based at Britannia Fields in the East End of London, England. It was also known as the Royal Albert Saloon, and the Royal Standard Tavern. Built of wood, the theatre was set in a garden and could be used both as an outdoor and indoor venue, as it had two stages, one of which faced the interior and the other the garden. The theatre hosted many performers of the day who went on to fame, such as Paul Herring whose first hit, Imp of the Devils Gorge was staged at the Albert Saloon, as well as Edward Edwards, who was well known in the 1830s and 1840s as a melodra ...


Copyright performance

The copyright performance of a play was a first public performance in the United Kingdom, staged purely for the purpose of securing the authors copyright over the text. There was a fear that, if a plays text was published, or a rival production staged, before its official preview or premiere, then the authors rights would be lost; to forestall these abuses, the practice arose of staging a copyright performance, which was notionally public, but in practice staged hastily before an invited audience with no publicity and no regard for the artistic quality of the acting or production. One lega ...


Drama UK

Drama UK was formed on 31 July 2012, by the merger of the two main organizations in the United Kingdom responsible for drama training Conference of Drama Schools and accreditation of officially recognized courses National Council for Drama Training. The accreditation body dissolved in 2016 after a period of instability in which several high-profile schools quit the organisation. In June 2017, Drama UK was replaced by the Federation of Drama Schools.


Federation of Drama Schools

A formal organisation for drama training in the UK was first established with the Conference of Drama Schools CDS in 1969. This was followed by the National Council for Drama Training in 1976, which was primarily responsible for accrediting courses offered by the Conference of Drama Schools. In July 2012 both national organisations were merged to form a single regulatory body called Drama UK. The Federation of Drama Schools was formed on 13 June 2017 following the abolition of Drama UK in 2016 after a period of instability in which several high-profile schools quit the organisation. Unlike ...
                                        is a London-based website that provides information about, and offers tickets for, theatrical performances in the United Kingdom. It also organises the annual WhatsOnStage Awards. Founded in 1996, it has been owned by the American company since January 2013. Its chief operating officer is Sita McIntosh.

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