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ⓘ Atlacomulco

Atlacomulco is a city and municipality located in the northwest of the State of Mexico in central Mexico, 63 kilometres from the state capital of Toluca. The name is derived from the Nahuatl phrase "atlacomulli" which means "where there are wells." The city, with a population of 20.477 is surrounded by rural area in which 75% of the rest of the municipality lives. The municipality has a sizable percentage of indigenous language speakers, mostly Mazahua. The Mazahua name for the area is Embaro, which means "colored rock." Agriculture is still the main economic activity, but the development of a number of industrial parks, such as Atlacomulco 2000, which allowed the seat to reach city statues by 1987. Atlacomulco is also the origin of a political organization called the "Atlacomulco Group" made up of powerful political figures who deny its existence.

  • Hacienda of Atlacomulco Inhabitants of Jiutepec were extensively involved in the Mexican Revolution of 1910. In 1914 the Hacienda of Atlacomulco served as
  • club that plays in the Tercera Division de Mexico. The club is based in Atlacomulco State of Mexico and was founded in 1991. Football in Mexico Tercera
  • whose father and grandfather had both been mayors of his hometown of Atlacomulco was born to Manuel del Mazo Villasante and Mercedes Velez in 1904. His
  • previous prelature Constancio Miranda Wechmann, appointed Bishop of Atlacomulco Mexico in 1998 Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua Madera, Chihuahua Diocese of Cuauhtemoc - Madera
  • different companies run to and from Maravatio, connecting nearby towns like Atlacomulco and Ciudad Hidalgo, cities further afield such as Mexico City, Morelia
  • Aculco is a municipality located in the Atlacomulco Region of the State of Mexico in Mexico. The municipality is located to northwestern Mexico State
  • biology. From 1947 to 1951 he was a teacher at the Secundaria Federal de Atlacomulco To supplement his income, he sold candy on the side. He grew and exchanged
  • to 2004, and Secretary of Administration from 2000 to 2002. Born in Atlacomulco and raised in Toluca, Peña Nieto attended Panamerican University, graduating

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