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ⓘ Civilekonom

Civilekonom, literally "civil economist", is a professional title in Sweden which traditionally refers to an individual who holds either a Bachelors degree or a Masters degree in business administration and economics. Unlike the English language usage, in Swedish, ekonomi is commonly used as an umbrella designation for both business- and economics-related subjects.

As an academic title it was first introduced by the Stockholm School of Economics for the degree that the school offered, and was created in parallel to the already established engineering degree civilingenjor, which etymologically is the same as the English expression civil engineer.

Formally, the exam certificate for a civilekonom would say ekonomexamen "degree in economy", or be a general Bachelors kandidat or Masters magister degree.

Although the title remains unprotected in Sweden and the aforementioned practice is still in use, as of 2007 a new academic degree called Civilekonomexamen Master of Science in Business and Economics has been introduced which can be awarded after four years of studies in business administration and economics by the following universities in Sweden:

  • Luleå University of Technology Luleå
  • Linnaeus University Vaxjo and Kalmar
  • Gothenburg University Gothenburg
  • Orebro University Orebro
  • Halmstad University Halmstad
  • Linkoping University Linkoping
  • Karlstad University Karlstad
  • Lund University Lund
  • Umeå University Umeå
  • Jonkoping University Jonkoping
  • Lilliehook was a member of the Stockholm County Council. Lilliehook is a civilekonom Lilliehook belongs to the Swedish nobility through marriage. Anna Lilliehook
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  • requirements for the degree increased from four to five years of study. Civilekonom for the corresponding Swedish title Civilokonom for the corresponding
  • Tomas Transtromer at Sodra Latin Gymnasium. In 1962 he graduated as a civilekonom at the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law, and went on
  • cand.polit It is a two - year master s following the three - year B.Sc. Civilekonom Civilokonom Sivilokonom European Joint Master degree in Economics QEM
  • the Stockholm School of Economics in 1949 and received the title of civilekonom He served in the Swedish General Export Association Sveriges allmanna