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ⓘ Usingen

Usingen is a small town in the Hochtaunuskreis in Hessen, Germany. Until 1972, this residential and school town was the seat of the former district of Usingen.

  • Deutsche Bahn as a category 4 station. In 1895, construction began on the Usingen Railway German: Usinger Bahn now the Taunus Railway Taunusbahn to
  • 1741 until his death. William Henry was born in Usingen the fifth son of William Henry of Nassau - Usingen Born and Princess Charlotte Amalia of Nassau - Dillenburg
  • built in Koppern, Anspach and Wehrheim for the Taunus Railway Homburg Usingen which was opened on 15 October 1895. The Wehrheim station building at
  • Sudliche WeinstraSe district, Rhineland - Palatinate Eschbach Usingen a borough of Usingen Nieder - Eschbach Frankfurt am Main a borough of Frankfurt
  • Beilstein Fief Spiegelberg Amt Nassau shared with Nassau - Usingen Amt Kirrberg shared with Nassau - Usingen Grund Seel and Burbach shared with Nassau - Weilburg
  • December 9, 1791 Louise of Nassau - Usingen August 16, 1776 February 19, 1829 the daughter of Duke Frederick of Nassau - Usingen Louis I, Grand Duke of Baden
  • Hochtaunuskreis in Hesse, Germany. Neu - Anspach borders in the north on the town of Usingen in the east on the community of Wehrheim, in the south on the town of
  • Arnsbach is a small river of Hesse, Germany. It flows into the Usa near Usingen List of rivers of Hesse

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