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ⓘ Sangerhausen

Sangerhausen is a town in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, capital of the district of Mansfeld-Sudharz. It is situated southeast of the Harz, approx. 35 kilometres east of Nordhausen, and 50 km west of Halle. About 31.000 people live in Sangerhausen.

  • Wendel born in Sangerhausen in 1984 The duo is signed to Kontor Records label. The duo met in the My Ccools World nightclub in Sangerhausen where they DJed
  • 590: Kassel Nordhausen Sangerhausen Halle PDF in German Deutsche Bahn. Retrieved 9 June 2017. 590: Halle Sangerhausen Nordhausen Kassel PDF
  • it was a Verwaltungsgemeinschaft. It is situated south and west of Sangerhausen It is named after the Goldene Aue valley. The seat of the Verbandsgemeinde
  • and 23 km northwest of Sangerhausen StraSberg was mentioned for the first time in the chronicle for the district of Sangerhausen in 1194 as Strazberc.
  • there the railway descends again until it reaches the Goldene Aue near Sangerhausen a plain between the Harz mountains and the Kyffhauser hills. At the
  • Hernstein, county of Baden, Lower Austria Grillenberg Sangerhausen village in the borough of Sangerhausen county of Mansfeld - Sudharz, Saxony - Anhalt, Germany
  • between the towns of Heldrungen and Artern. It has a station on the Sangerhausen Erfurt railway line, where a now - decommissioned line once branched off
  • Sangerhausen Grillenburg, Sangerhausen Alt - Morungen Castle, Sangerhausen Neu - Morungen Castle, Sangerhausen Old Castle, Sangerhausen Sangerhausen New
  • Saxony - Anhalt, Germany. Neighboring districts were from northwest clockwise Sangerhausen Mansfelder Land, Saalkreis, the district - free city Halle, the districts
  • Saxony - Anhalt, Germany. It is situated approximatively 10 km southeast of Sangerhausen Allstedt is mentioned as the tithable place Altstedi in Friesenfeld

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