ⓘ Oaxaca-class patrol vessel

Oaxaca-class patrol vessel

ⓘ Oaxaca-class patrol vessel

The Oaxaca class are offshore patrol vessels, constructed and designed by and for the Mexican Navy. The class is named after the Mexican state of Oaxaca. The Mexican Navy has requested seven of these ships with four already in service, three in construction, which were disclosed on June 1 on the Navy anniversary, with the name PO-163 Independencia, which is to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Independence of Mexico. Also, another ship PO-164, named Revolucion, is in the process of raising the Mexican flag in a couple of months. Two more to be constructed in Navys Naval Shipyards.

  • Hamina class Pohjanmaa class Germany: Potsdam class Malaysia: Maharaja Lela class Mexico: Durango class Oaxaca class Reformador class Sierra class Sweden:
  • their vessel. The vessel was found to be loaded with 5.3 tonnes of cocaine and was towed to Huatulco, Oaxaca by a Mexican Navy patrol boat. On September
  • the boat was tested and the crew trained, she was despatched on her first patrol German Type VIIC submarines were preceded by the shorter Type VIIB submarines
  • an attack with depth charges made by Finnish minelayer Ruotsinsalmi and patrol boat VMV - 6. UMEX Underwater Exploration Team divers located the wreck
  • Newport class has the capacity for 500 long tons 510 t of vehicles, 19, 000 sq ft 1, 800 m2 of cargo area and could carry up to 431 troops. The vessels also
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  • Grunion was reported overdue from patrol and assumed lost with all hands. Her name was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on 2 November 1942. Captured
  • Nazi Germany s Kriegsmarine during World War II. She carried out five patrols sinking four ships of 15, 450 gross register tons  GRT and damaging two
  • shifted to Kwajalein. For the next week, she alternated antisubmarine patrols with sonar watch duty at the entrance to the lagoon. On 11 February, she

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