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Neschastny Sluchai

ⓘ Neschastny Sluchai

Neschastny Sluchai is a Russian rock band that was formed by Valdis Pelsh and Alexey Kortnev in 1983, while both men were students at Moscow State University.

Despite being popular in Russia, the band is virtually unknown outside. The band leader, Alexei Kortnev, has repeatedly cited as major influences such bands as Queen, King Crimson, and Genesis. The bands lyrics are at the same time grotesque and sentimental while their music features complicated structures and melodic turns rooted in the prog rock of the 70s.


1. Members

  • Dmitry Chuvelyov guitar, vocals
  • Pavel Timofeev drums, percussion
  • Pavel Mordyukov saxophone, vocals
  • Alexey Kortnev
  • Roman Mamaev bass
  • Sergey Chekryzhov keyboards, vocals

2. Discography

  • 1995 -- Mein Lieber Tanz
  • 2003 -- Poslednie denki v raju Последние деньки в раю
  • 2013 -- Gonjajas za bizonom Гоняясь за бизоном
  • 1997 -- Jeto ljubov Это любовь
  • 1994 -- Trody pludov Троды плудов
  • 2014 -- Kranty Кранты
  • 2000 -- Chernosliv i kuraga Чернослив и курага
  • 1996 -- Mezhsezone Межсезонье
  • 2006 -- Prostye chisla Простые числа
  • 2010 -- Tonnel v konce sveta Тоннель в конце света
  • musicians from the M.Turetsky Choir, Alexei Kortnev and the rock band Neschastny Sluchai Bravo and the Latvian musical group Brainstorm, as well as many other
  • Irakli Irina Allegrova Katya Lel Nadezhda Kadysheva Natasha Koroleva Neschastny Sluchai Oleg Gazmanov Seryoga Strelki Tantsy Minus Uma2rman Nargiz Zakirova
  • Maurice Jarre Casablanca by Max Steiner Ain t no sunshine when she s gone 2011 12 Murka performed by Neschastny Sluchai Austin Powers by George S. Clinton

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