ⓘ Coca-Cola Red Sparks

Coca-Cola Red Sparks

ⓘ Coca-Cola Red Sparks

The Coca-Cola Red Sparks are a Japanese company-owned rugby union team based in Fukuoka city, Kyūshū. The coach is currently Shogo Mukai, the former Japan national rugby union team coach during the 2003 Rugby Union World Cup.

The team was initially founded as Kitakyushu Coca-Cola and then changed its name to Coca-Cola West Japan.

The team won promotion to the expanded Top League of 14 teams at the end of the 2005–06 season, and was renamed Coca-Cola West Red Sparks. The club motto is "Have Guts Have Glory" and their slogan for 2006 season: "Always Attack & Aggressive". In the fourth Top League 2006–07 the team came 10th, with four wins, nine losses and 21 points. It therefore did not need to take part in any play-offs. Sanix, the local rivals, came ninth.

The team is now 2013 one of two teams from Kyūshū in the Top League. The other one is Kyuden Voltex. The team mascots name is Sparky.

In 2014, the team was renamed the Coca-Cola Red Sparks. They were relegated after the 2018/ 19 season.


1. Current squad

The Coca-Cola Red Sparks squad for the 2019–20 season is:


  • Benjamin Jones - Full Back
  • Glenn Paterson - Fly Half
  • Mark Ranby - Centre
  • Luke Andrews - No.8
  • George Leaupepe - Centre
  • Soushi Fuchigami - Fly Half
  • Nick Cummins - Wing
  • Sam Afro Wykes - Second row
  • centre. He currently plays for the Sunwolves in Super Rugby and the Coca - Cola Red Sparks in Japan s domestic Top League. He received Japanese citizenship
  • player who plays as a hooker. In his home country he plays for the Coca - Cola Red Sparks whom he joined in 2011. He was also named in the first ever Sunwolves
  • Zealand - Japanese rugby union player who plays at centre in Japan for Coca - Cola Red Sparks He studied in Japan at Sendai Ikuei High School, then Ryutsu Keizai
  • After the 2013 Super Rugby season, Ah Wong was recruited by the Coca - Cola West Red Sparks to play in the Japanese Top League. In 2017, Ah Wong signed for
  • competition was contested from 9 December 2012 to 20 January 2013. Coca - Cola West Red Sparks and Kubota Spears won promotion to the 2013 14 Top League, while
  • season. The competition was contested from 15 to 28 January 2006. Coca - Cola West Red Sparks and IBM Big Blue won promotion to the 2006 07 Top League, while
  • July 1988 is a New Zealand rugby union player who represents the Coca - Cola Red Sparks In 2013, he signed a contract extension with the Chiefs until 2015
  • international rugby league footballer. He previously played for Coca - Cola West Red Sparks rugby union in Japan. He usually plays centre, but has played
  • order with their geographical location by prefecture, as follows: Coca - Cola West Red Sparks Fukuoka, Kyushu Fukuoka Sanix Blues Fukuoka, Kyushu IBM Big
  • Power, Coca - Cola West Red Sparks and Kyuden Voltex qualified to the Second Phase. Kyuden Voltex qualified for Challenge 1. Coca - Cola West Red Sparks qualified
  • matches. After leaving his post with Japan, he became coach of the Coca - Cola Red Sparks in 2004. He led them to promotion to the Top League in 2006 where