ⓘ MG 131 machine gun

MG 131 machine gun

ⓘ MG 131 machine gun

The MG 131 was a German 13 mm caliber machine gun developed in 1938 by Rheinmetall-Borsig and produced from 1940 to 1945. The MG 131 was designed for use at fixed, flexible or turreted, single or twin mountings in Luftwaffe aircraft during World War II.

It was one of the smallest if not the smallest among heavy machine guns, the weight was less than 60% of the M2 Browning or Breda-Safat machine gun. Despite this, the mg 131 was rapid fire weapons with high firepower for its weight. It was fitted with the universities of ammunition. The closer equivalent would be the Japanese Ho-103, is based on earlier American machine gun Browning M1921. The other axis main gun, 12.7 mm Breda was about 13 kg heavier and bigger, but slower, at least 150 rpm. The small size of the mg 131 meant the possibility of replacing the 7.92 mm machine guns even in a small bow fighters of the Luftwaffe, which was common in 1943. This weapon was a marked improvement, as a large aircraft armor protection of the allies took extended to smaller calibers are almost useless. This was especially true when it came to the heavy bombers of the allies.

It was installed in the Messerschmitt Bf 109, me 410 Hornisse, Fw 190 fighter aircraft, the Junkers 88, Junkers Ju 388, he 177 variants Greif bomber, and many other aircraft. In Fernbedienbare Drehlafette FDL 131Z remote control system turret, used either alone, or more commonly "twinned" a pair of mg 131 was to protect the back. In Hecklafette HL 131V quadmount weapons "system" for the tail defense, placing two MG 131 machine guns apiece in a pair of rotation side mounting to by crews of manned turrets "core" subject, the traverse function is designed for standardization on many late war prototype developments of German heavy bomber airframes, but has not gone beyond a small number of three-dimensional prototype model and kinetic testing aggregates.

MG 131 fired electrically primed ammunition in order to maintain a high rate of fire when shooting through the propeller disk, single-engine fighter. A pair of mg 131 machine guns was used as cowl armament on later models of the Bf 109G and the FW 190.

  • Armament Guns 8 x 13 mm 0.512 in MG 131 machine guns with 1, 800 rpg 4 in each nose and tail turret 8 x 13 mm 0.512 in MG 131 machine guns with 900
  • Performance Armament Guns 2 20 mm MG 151 20 cannon in wing roots 1 13 mm MG 131 machine gun in dorsal turret 1 15 mm MG 151 15 cannon in dorsal
  • Armament Guns Most likely 2 7.92 mm 312 in MG 17 machine guns and 2 20 mm MG 151 20 cannons forward - firing 2 13 mm 51 in MG 131 machine guns rearward - firing
  • 900 nmi Armament Guns 6 MG 151 20 in three twin turrets Four MG 131 machine guns mounted in tail turret. 2 MG 131 machine guns in two remote - controlled
  • 13 mm 51 in MG 131 machine guns in the wing roots. The V6 was the first version to be converted to use the Jumo 213 engine and had 20 mm MG 151 20 cannon
  • turret on the extreme top of the cockpit mounting a 13 mm 51 in MG 131 machine gun By 1942, it was becoming clear that Junkers candidate for the important

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