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A modex is a number that is part of the Aircraft Visual Identification System, along with the aircrafts tail code. It usually consists of two or three numbers that the Department of the Navy, U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps use on aircraft to identify a squadrons mission and a specific aircraft within a squadron. These numbers are painted conspicuously on the aircrafts nose - or, on helicopters, sometimes on the aft portion of the fuselage or forward portion of the empennage. Modexes are also painted less conspicuously on other aircraft areas. Shore-based aviation units use either two-digit or three-digit modexes, while carrier-based units always use three digits.

In the carrier air wing cvw on, the first digit indicates the number of separate modex squadron aircraft assigned to cvw on. Modex numbers on the 1xx and 2xx series CVWs Super hornet assigned to strike fighter squadron LFP that fly either f / A-18E and F / a-PET with 18F super Hornet. Modex numbers in the 3xx series 4хх assigned to CVWs other two squadrons of the LFP who fly the F / a-18C "hornet". And USN F / a-18C hornet squadrons transition to the f / A-18E and F Super hornet and those 3xx modexes 4хх can belong to LFP squadrons flew the aircraft "Super hornet". All CVWs four squadrons of DFA-three one VFA and VMFA. Some of them are All Super hornet E and F squadrons, and some are a mix of hornet c model squadrons and the Super hornet E or F model squadrons.

Code 5xx side numbers are assigned to electronic attack squadron VAQ fly EA-18g Growler.

Modex numbers with the first digit 6 is assigned to airborne early warning squadron VAW 600-607 flying E-2S currently, the transition to e-2D Hawkeye, and sea combat helicopter squadron GSK 610 and higher flight MH-60 s Sea hawk helicopter.

Modexes 7th block assigned to helicopter Maritime strike squadron HSM-flying MH-60R helicopter sea hawk.

The last two digits identificeret of the individual aircraft in the squadron with the aircraft numbered from x00 or 610 in the case of the HSc squadron to the number of aircraft in the squadron with the number X13 often skipped. Some squadrons may skip numbers, X13, if the last failure resulted in the loss of any aircraft or crew from this number. Each squadron generally designates the plane number from x00 modex ie 100, 200 etc. as commanders of aircraft of cvw in CAG repeats called the CAG bird and paint its tail with squadron colors and not the muted grey shade of color other planes of the squadron. Aircraft with modex in HH1 i.e., 101, 201, 701 etc. usually carry the name of the squadron commander, and those with modex from xx2, e.g., 102, 202, 702, etc. usually carry the name of the squadron Executive officer.

Naval aviation is usually coastal and to use a two-digit modex. If the USMC aircraft assigned to carrier air wing they employ the three-digit system used in the rest of the airwing of the carrier.

Navy land-based transport aircraft of the BP can use a three-digit modex numbers, but use the last three numbers of the aircraft Buno Bureau is also not uncommon. The carrier on Board the aircraft delivery TCP is also used Buno-derived side numbers, but occasionally use the aircraft the number of carriers, for example, 68 aircraft assigned to USS Nimitz: CVN-68.

Ground patrol aircraft VP previously used a two-digit modex number until the mid-1990s, when they switched to three digit modexes through the last three numbers of the aircraft Buno Bureau.

  • assigned, and a three digit number painted on the aircraft s nose known as the MODEX Examples might be November Lima Two - Zero - One or Navy November Lima Two - Zero - One
  • technology, manufacturing, operations, supply chain and logistics at the MODEX and ProMat trade shows sponsored alternate years by MHI. Research has shown
  • time for final flight of the type when F - 14D, Bureau Number BuNo 164603, Modex 101, of Fighter Squadron 31 VF - 31 was ferried from NAS Oceana to Calverton
  • November December 2010 FEX - Austria Slovenia May 2010 EU ModEX - Germany March 2011 EU ModEX - Netherlands May 2011 Johanniter Fieldcamp - Germany
  • Illinois. Depot Level Conversion performed September 1991. Retired as MODEX 205 of Fighter Squadron 213 VF - 213 Black Lions. 161166 Carolinas Aviation
  • Ramp strike of Vought F7U - 3 Cutlass BuNo 129595, Modex 412, of VF - 124 on the USS Hancock on 14 July 1955. LCDR Jay T. Alkire XO of USN s VF - 124 Stingrays
  • Remaj7 El Tiempo Stage: The Twelves Bag Raiders Frente Cumbiero Jiggy Drama Modex Profetas Revolver Ciegossordomudos V for Volume Reino del Mar Purple Zippers
  • Aircraft Nickname Modex Bureau No. Flown by P - 38J - 15 - LO 42 - 104261 Tovrea, Philip Edward Jr. P - 38J - 15 - LO 42 - 104281 Tovrea, Philip Edward Jr. P - 38J - 15 - LO

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