ⓘ Center for Information Warfare Training

Center for Information Warfare Training

ⓘ Center for Information Warfare Training

The United States Navys Center for Information Warfare Training is one of eleven learning centers of Naval Education and Training Command, headquartered on Naval Technical Training Center Corry Station in Escambia County, Florida. It is responsible for the development of education and training policies for over 22.000 members of the Information Warfare Corps in the fields of cryptology and intelligence, along with the cyber realms of information operations and technology, and computer systems and networks. The Center also oversees the Center for Language, Regional Expertise and Culture.

The center performs nearly 200 courses worldwide average count student 22.000 with almost staff of 1.300 military, civilian and contracted staff.

All CIWTs training sites operate under one of four "school team, each of which specializiruetsya in different concentrations. Each school has its own leadership team co / XO / CMC operates independently from each other.

Information warfare training station team Corrie is dedicated to Cryptologic technician CTT / CTR / CTI / CTS / CTN and information systems technician, he enlisted" and”" C” schools and cryptologic war CW and IP information professional officer training.

  • Information Warfare Training Site Keesler - Spectrum Operations Apprentice Course SOAC and the Joint Task Force JTF Spectrum Management Course.

Information warfare team training Monterey specializiruetsya training language training of linguists Navy, special community, war, the exchange of personnel programme the PEP, and staff of the external area of the FAO through the Institute of foreign languages of the Ministry of defense, Presidio of Monterey, CA

  • Information Warfare Training Site Medina.
  • Information Warfare Training Site Fort Meade.

Information Warfare Training Command, San Diego

  • Information Warfare Training Site Yokosuka.
  • Information Warfare Training Site Pacific Northwest.
  • Information Warfare Training Site Hawaii.

Information Warfare Training Command, Virginia Beach

  • Information Warfare Training Site Kings Bay - advanced electronic systems courses FT / IT / ET ratings.
  • Information Warfare Training Site Mayport - advanced network system management.
  • Information Warfare Training Site Groton - information technology submarine ITS "A" school.
  • Information Warfare Training Site Jacksonville -- electronic warfare & some afloat cryptologic training.

In addition, there are two website CIWT, that is not part of another school and report directly to CIWT: CIWT detachment Goodfellow air force base in Goodfellow CIWT and a detachment at Fort Gordon, Georgia.

The centre was previously called the Center for information dominance, its name was changed in 2016.

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