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ⓘ Businessperson

A businessman or businesswoman is a person involved in the business sector – in particular someone undertaking activities for the purpose of generating cash flow, sales, and revenue by utilizing a combination of human, financial, intellectual and physical capital with a view to fueling economic development and growth. An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business or businesses.

The term "businessperson" may refer to a founder, owner, or majority shareholder of a commercial enterprise; or it can characterize a high-level executive who does the everyday running and management of a company even if that executive is not the owner. The term may sometimes refer to someone who is involved in an upper-level management role in a corporation, company, enterprise, firm, organization, or agency.


1.1. History Prehistoric period: Traders

Since a "businessman" can mean anyone in industry or commerce, businessmen have existed as long as industry and commerce have existed. "Commerce" can simply mean "trade", and trade has existed through all of recorded history. The first businessmen in human history were traders or merchants.


1.2. History Medieval period: Rise of the merchant class

Merchants emerged as a "class" in medieval Italy. Between 1300 and 1500, modern accounting, the bill of exchange, and limited liability were invented, and thus the world saw "the first true bankers", who are certainly businessmen.

Around the same time, Europe saw the "emergence of rich merchants." This "rise of the merchant class" came as Europe "needed a middleman" for the first time, and these "burghers" or "bourgeois" were the people who played this role.


1.3. History Renaissance to Enlightenment: Rise of the capitalist

Europe became the dominant global commercial power in the 16th century, and as Europeans developed new tools for business, new types of business people began to use those tools. In this period, Europe developed and used paper money, cheques, and joint-stock companies and their shares of stock. Developments in actuarial science led to insurance. Together, these new tools were used by a new kind of businessman, the capitalist. These people owned or financed businesses as bankers, but they were not merchants of goods. These capitalists were a major force in the Industrial Revolution.


1.4. History Modern period: Rise of the manager

The newest kind of businessperson is the manager. One of the first true managers was Robert Owen 1771–1858, an industrialist in Scotland. He studied the "problems of productivity and motivation", and was followed by Frederick Winslow Taylor, who was the first person who studied work. After World War I, management became popular due to the example of Herbert Hoover and the Harvard Business School, which offered degrees in business administration management.


2. Salary

Salaries for businesspeople vary. The salaries of the top chief executive officers can be millions of dollars per year. For example, the head of Discovery Inc., David M. Zaslav, made $156 million in 2014. The high salaries which executives earn have often been a source of criticism from many who believe they are paid excessively.


3. Business guru

Some leading business theorists look to leaders in academic research on business or to successful business leaders for guidance. Collectively, these people are called "business gurus."

  • Bjarne Gotfred Eriksen 31 July 1886 13 November 1976 was a Norwegian businessperson and fencer. He was born in Trondheim. He competed in the individual
  • history. 27 April Karl Hals, businessperson and politician d.1898 29 October Thomas Johannessen Heftye, businessperson politician and philanthropist
  • Oleksandriia Unknown date - Alexandra Branitskaya, political activist, courtier and businessperson d. 1838 Media related to 1754 in Russia at Wikimedia Commons
  • statesman died 1667 date unknown - Agneta Rosenbroijer, noblewoman and businessperson died 1697 - Axel Ryning Media related to 1620 in Sweden at Wikimedia
  • Charles Shaw Band, CC December 14, 1885 May 27, 1969 was a Canadian businessperson art collector, and philanthropist. Born in Thorold, Ontario, Band was
  • beginning of the rinderpest eradication. 19 January - Marie Kofoed, businessperson and philanthropist d. 1838 November 30 Catharine Frydendahl, opera
  • April Jens Hoysgaard, philologist died 1698 Catarina Gustmeyer, businessperson Christian VII Scandinavian king Encyclopedia Britannica. Retrieved
  • in the United Kingdom 15 June Eugene Jansson, painter born 1842 Sofia Gumaelius, businessperson born 1840 Hilda Sjolin, photographer born 1835
  • James Whalen 1869 1929 was a Canadian businessperson and entrepreneur based in Port Arthur, Ontario, now part of Thunder Bay, Ontario, with interests
  • Johannes Ewald, dramatist, poet born 1743 10 April Reinhard Iselin, businessperson born 1714 in Switzerland Anna Magdalena Godiche, publisher b. 1721

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