ⓘ City of Coburg

City of Coburg

ⓘ City of Coburg

The City of Coburg was a local government area about 10 kilometres north of Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, Australia. The city covered an area of 19.44 square kilometres, and existed from 1859 until 1994.

  • serves the northern Melbourne suburb of Coburg Although the line from Coburg to Fawkner was duplicated in 1959, Coburg continued to have only one side platform
  • duke of the Duchy of Saxe - Coburg and Gotha from 29 January 1844 to his death. He was born in Coburg his father Ernest III, Duke of Saxe - Coburg - Saalfeld
  • Coburg High School is a medium - sized, co - educational public high school located in Coburg Victoria, Australia. In 2016 there are approximately 400 students
  • is a southern suburb of 1705 inhabitants 30 June 2010 of the city of Coburg in the county of Upper Franconia in the state of Bavaria in Germany. It
  • Prince Joseph Ferdinand of Saxe - Coburg and Gotha full name Joseph Ferdinand Maria Michael Gabriel Raphael Gonzaga 21 May 1869 13 August 1888 known
  • Sachsen - Coburg und Gotha Hubertus Alexis Richard Ernst Eduard born 8 December 1961 is the eldest son of Ernst - Leopold Prinz von Sachsen - Coburg und Gotha
  • Casimir of Saxe - Coburg Gotha, 12 June 1564 Coburg 16 July 1633 was the Duke of Saxe - Coburg He was the descendant of the Ernestine branch of the House
  • of Saxe - Coburg and Gotha December 6, 1867 October 11, 1922 known in Brazil as Dom Augusto Leopoldo, was a prince of the Empire of Brazil and of the
  • amalgamations of local governments by the state government, being created from the former local government areas of the City of Brunswick, the City of Coburg and

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