ⓘ Rotenburg an der Wümme

Rotenburg an der Wumme

ⓘ Rotenburg an der Wumme

Rotenburg an der Wumme, Rotenburg in Hannover until May 1969) is a town in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is the capital of the district of Rotenburg.

  • Zeven 71 km over the Hansa Line A 1 83 km to the district town of Rotenburg Wumme 97 km Here it crosses the B 75 and continues past the Luneburg
  • Geschichte von Harry Callan. Edition Falkenberg: Rotenburg Wumme 2018 Anlage zu 1: Verzeichnis der Konzentrationslager und ihrer AuSenkommandos gemaS
  • fighting vehicles 91st Rifles Battalion Jagerbataillon 91 in Rotenburg an der Wumme with GTK Boxer armored personnel carriers 92nd Mechanized Infantry
  • Later, the section from Walsrode to Visselhovede was extended via Rotenburg an der Wumme Zeven and Bremervorde to Bremerhaven. The Bremervorde Walsrode
  • chapter, the cathedral and residence of the bishops until 1195, Rotenburg upon Wumme became the prince - episcopal residence since. Not all incumbents of
  • weekdays, while on the weekend, it ran on the Minden Nienburg Verden Rotenburg Wumme route. It is operated with four - part Stadler FLIRT class 429 diesel
  • municipality in the district of Rotenburg in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated approximately 20 km northeast of Rotenburg and 45 km southwest of Hamburg

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