ⓘ Akropolis (newspaper)

Akropolis (newspaper)

ⓘ Akropolis (newspaper)

Akropolis was a Greek newspaper based in Athens. Between 1883 and 1921, it played a major part in the debate concerning the Greek language question, particularly in the events leading up to the Gospel Riots of 1901 in Athens.


1. History

Akropolis was essentially the creation of one man, Vlasis Gavriilidis, who founded it in 1883 and played a great part in running it until his death in 1920. Eight months later the newspaper ceased publication, although it was relaunched in 1929 and has been published intermittently since then.

  • Spring. He also participated in the study of the monuments of the Athenian Akropolis specifically the Erechtheum and the Parthenon. Hill was director of the
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  • Faros Acropoleos was a Cypriot football club based in Akropoli Nicosia. The team was playing sometimes in Cypriot Third Division. The team dissolved.
  • outlining his opinion on the best deployment of the army in the Akropolis newspaper on 5 and 11 January. The Greek government had driven itself into
  • Nietzsche, Wagner e il mito sovrumanista, preface by Paolo Isotta, Napoli, Akropolis 1982 in Spanish Giorgio Locchi and Robert Steuckers, Konservative
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  • for more than ten years, following a further fatal accident on the 1966 Akropolis Rally, in which two mechanics died. It continued to provide generous support
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