ⓘ Blacktop (film)

Blacktop (film)

ⓘ Blacktop (film)

When David Lochlyn Munro, a comedian, gets a three night gig at a truckers bar, his girlfriend, Sylvia Kristin Davis, leaves him and accepts a ride from a trucker, Jack Meat Loaf.

Problems arise when we discover that Jack may be a deranged serial killer of young women. David is starting a chase with the trucker and his girlfriend which is not aware of the danger. Jack starts a game with David, in which Sylvias life is at stake.

Travelling together with Sylvia in his truck named "Goliath", Jack is leaving some clues to David as he follows them, at the same time acting as a "good stranger" to Sylvia, telling her stories about his life, and as we later learn difficult childhood in which he encountered bad treatment of his father towards his mother, as Jack then recalls he killed his father in defense of mother.

Following chase, David meets Jack and Sylvia in deserted place Jack opens fire from his rifle, Sylvia momentarily learns about his real plans, and tries to escape unsuccessfully.

After several miles of further chase theyre meeting again for a dramatic final scene, in which David is eventually able to defeat Jack, though this isnt possible without blood shed Jack cut off Sylvias finger "to teach her discipline".