ⓘ Arapaho-class tugboat

Arapaho-class fleet tug

ⓘ Arapaho-class fleet tug

Arapaho -class tugboats were oceangoing tugboats designated fleet tugs by the United States Navy during their service in the early half of the 20th century. They were in service during World War I and World War II. Arapaho was built by the Seattle Construction and Drydock Company in Seattle, Washington.

  • major auxiliary ships transports, colliers, tankers, scientific vessels, tugs among others in service with the Argentine Navy since being formally established
  • Morocco, the cargo ship began her long voyage home, astern of the fleet tug USS Arapaho ATF - 68 on 3 May. Over the next several months, Almaack underwent
  • the Ma xe - e ometaa e Big Greasy River in the Cheyenne language. The Arapaho name for the river is Beesniicie. The Pawnee name is Kickaatit. The Mississippi
  • 93778 - 70.49250 Mars USS Mohave AT - 15 13 February 1928 An Arapaho - class fleet tug that struck a submerged ledge near Nantasket Beach. 42 18 18 N

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