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ⓘ Walsrode

Walsrode is a town in the district of Heidekreis, in Lower Saxony, Germany. The former municipality Bomlitz was merged into Walsrode in January 2020.

  • intact raised bog in the district of Heidekreis and a nature reserve in Walsrode in the German state of Lower Saxony. The reserve has an area of 295 hectares
  • Saxony, Germany. Nearby towns include the district capital Rotenburg, Walsrode and Verden. Larger cities within a 100 km radius are Bremen, Hanover and
  • hunting. Male at Walsrode Bird Park Early drawing by the Dutch colonial Natuurkundige Commissie voor Nederlands - Indie, 1820 s. Pair at Walsrode Bird Park, Germany
  • The station is located on the Wanne - Eickel Hamburg railway, Bremervorde Walsrode railway and Verden Rotenburg railway. The train services are operated by
  • Rotenburg was closed and in 1980 the Walsrode line also folded. Both have now been dismantled see also: Bremervorde Walsrode railway By 1987 the western section
  • from Walsrode and Soltau, a line was finally approved and it was opened on 30 September 1896. From the beginning, four train pairs ran on the Walsrode Soltau
  • P. panini. Alternatively, it is considered a subspecies of P. affinis. Walsrode Bird Park is the only place where the bird can be seen in captivity outside
  • attractions in the region: The Serengeti Park at Hodenhagen. The Walsrode Bird Park near Walsrode The Luneburg Heath Wildlife Park in Nindorf. The Heide Park

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