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ⓘ Rethem

Rethem is a town in the Heidekreis in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated on the river Aller, approx. 25 km southwest of Bad Fallingbostel, and 18 km southeast of Verden. The town was the scene of heavy fighting over the period 10–11 April 1945 between units of the British 53rd Welsh Division and parts of the German 2. Marine-Infanterie-Division with heavy losses on both sides. Most of the German soldiers were not older than 23 years.

Rethem is the seat to the samtgemeinde "collective of the municipal formation" Rethem / Aller.

  • his trades union career in 1945. Werner was born, one of three sons, at Rethem a small but long established town located between Bremen and Hanover. His
  • Bunkenburg Essel Blankenburg Castle Hodenhagen Hodenhagen Castle Rethem and Grethem Blankenhagen Castle Uhlenburg belongs to the group of former
  • in Bierde, Ahlden Bunkenburg Essel Uhlenburg Blankenburg Castle Rethem and Grethem Blankenhagen Castle Hodenhagen Castle belongs to the group
  • intended to operate a museum railway on the former DB route from Verden to Rethem which is why they chose the station at Hulsen on the line as their base
  • Bremen - Vegesack Wumme in Ritterhude Aller near Verden Aller Bohme near Rethem Leine near Schwarmstedt Innerste near Sarstedt Rhume in Northeim
  • continued to advance across Germany, forcing a crossing of the River Aller at Rethem on 11 April 1945. This was their last major action of the war: they were
  • Firrel Windmuhlen - wassermuhlen. Retrieved 10 August 2015. Bockwindmuhle Rethem in German Marktplatz Walsrode. Retrieved 19 August 2015. Horster Muhle
  • 27232 Sulingen 27239 Twistringen 27283 Verden 27318 Hoya 27336 Rethem 27337 Blender 27356 Rotenburg an der Wumme 27374 Visselhovede 27404
  • Walsrode 05162 Bad Fallingbostel 05163 Dorfmark 05164 Hodenhagen 05165 Rethem Aller 05166 Kirchboitzen 05167 Westenholz 05168 Stellichte 0517 05171
  • replaced by 7th Armoured Division after particularly heavy fighting at Rethem and 6th Airborne Division to the south. Directly to its front were the

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