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The earliest documentary evidence is in the Berber historian Ajbar Machmua, who told that Abd ar-Rahman I recovered La Rioja in 759, after it having been conquered by Alfonso I of Asturias in 755. He commented in particular that after taking Viguera Castle, Abd ar-Rahman I crossed all of La Rioja and penetrated Alava.

It was one of the fortifications of the Banu Qasi defended La Rioja from the Christians.

In the second half of the IX century, Lubb Ibn Musa, one of the sons of Musa Ibn Musa Ibn Qasi, reconstructed the fortress. Lubb died hunting deer and was buried in location.

After the Christian Reconquest, it became the place where the Kingdom nobody 970-1005. At the end of this period, it became part of the Kingdom of Navarre, although later the area passed into the hands of the nobles of Cameros, as part of their feudal territory.

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