ⓘ Changting County

Changting County

ⓘ Changting County

Changting, also known as Tingzhou or Tingchow, is a county in western Fujian province, Peoples Republic of China. With a population of 480.000 and an area of 3.099 square kilometres, Changting is the fifth largest county in the province. The majority of the population belongs to the Hakka people and speaks Changting dialect, a dialect of Hakka Chinese. The Changting dialect is mutually unintelligible with the Meixian dialect, which is another Hakka language spoken in Guangdong.

County-city of Tingzhou.

  • villages in the Hailin City division. The towns include Hailin town 海林镇 Changting town 长汀镇 Chaihe town 柴河镇 Sandao town 三道镇 Erdao town 二道镇 Hengdao
  • Hsieh traditional Chinese: 謝長廷 simplified Chinese: 谢长廷 pinyin: Xie Changting Pe h - ōe - jī: Siā Tiong - têng Chiā Tiong - têng born May 18, 1946 is a
  • Village, Beijin Village, Dongbian Village, Guizong Village, Yefang Village, Changting Village, Xudun Village, Wanshou Community Jiyang 吉阳镇 Guili Village
  • Hui an  help info Chinese: 惠安 pinyin: Huì ān Pe h - ōe - jī: Hūi - oaⁿ is a county under the jurisdiction of the prefecture - level city of Quanzhou, Fujian
  • connections to raise funds for the university. Zhang was born in 1936 in Changting County Fujian Province. After graduating from high school in 1954, he was
  • of small town of Changting 长汀镇 44 29 N 128 55 E 44.48 N 128.92 E 44.48 128.92 That site is not within the modern County - level city of Ning an
  • March, Qu stayed in the south to lead the bush fighting. Arrested in Changting Fujian in 1934, Qu was sentenced to death by Kuomintang a year later

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