ⓘ AN/SPS-40


ⓘ AN/SPS-40

The AN/SPS-40 is a United States Navy two-dimensional, long range air search radar that is capable of providing contact bearing and range. It was used on Perth -class destroyers, Forrest Sherman -class destroyers, Charles F. Adams -class destroyers, Spruance -class destroyers, Belknap -class cruisers, Leahy -class cruisers, Knox -class frigates, Bronstein -class frigates, Hamilton -class cutters, Raleigh -class amphibious transport docks and many other ship classes. Its "basket" antenna with the over-the-top feed line was a familiar sight throughout the Navy even into the late 1980s. It was replaced by the AN/SPS-49 on newer ships and on ships that received the New Threat Upgrade.

SPS-40, being the design of vacuum tubes, were very sensitive to vibration from the shots of the ship. And later redesign are mostly solid state system not only improved its performance by reducing the number of cabinets by more than half, also showed one of the best MTI moving target indicator units in the Park - a rarity in the early 1970-ies.

  • systems were removed and replaced, for example the AN SPS - 40 air - search radar was replaced with the AN SPS - 49 air - search radar. The upgrade was also quite
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  • magazine, replacement of the SPS - 40 radar antenna with the SPS - 49 antenna, and replacement of the SPS - 48C with the larger SPS - 48E antenna. Both ships retained
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  • Mark 32 Surface Vessel Torpedo Tubes for Mark 46 torpedoes. SPS - 40 B air search radar and SPS - 55 navigation surface search radars are carried, while a Mark
  • the SM - 1ER surface - to - air missile. The ship received an updated electronics package, mounting SPS - 40 2 - D air search radar, SPG - 55C fire control radar and
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