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Bremervorde is a town in the north of the district of Rotenburg, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated on the Oste river near the centre of the "triangle" formed by the rivers Weser and Elbe, roughly equidistant from the cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Cuxhaven.

  • American National Scenic Byways. It connects various places between Bremervorde and Kiel with relation to the history of ferries and crossing of rivers
  • established in 1977 by merging the former districts of Rotenburg and Bremervorde The Wumme River runs through the district from east to west. The marshy
  • remembered for the 1945 arrest of Nazi Reichsfuhrer - SS Heinrich Himmler in Bremervorde Germany. Educated at marine school in Chatham, Excell worked as an apprenticed
  • Germany. The station is located on the Wanne - Eickel Hamburg railway, Bremervorde Walsrode railway and Verden Rotenburg railway. The train services are
  • district of Rotenburg, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated west of Bremervorde and approx. 50 km northeast of Bremen. It is named after the source
  • situated approximately 35 km east of Bremerhaven, and 15 km north of Bremervorde Its seat is in the village Lamstedt. The Samtgemeinde Borde Lamstedt
  • is a river of Lower Saxony, Germany. It flows into the Oste south of Bremervorde List of rivers of Lower Saxony Environmental map service of Lower Saxony
  • Landkreis Verden Blumenthal to 1932, then to Landkreis Osterholz Bremervorde Hadeln county offices in Otterndorf, 1932 to Landkreis Land Hadeln
  • the following services: Local services RB 33 Cuxhaven - Bremerhaven - Bremervorde - Buxtehude Tarifplan PDF Hamburger Verkehrsverbund. 9 December

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