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ⓘ Marineflieger

During the First World War, naval aviators were part of the Kaiserliche Marine. Between the wars, naval aviation, the Seeflieger was absorbed by Goerings Luftwaffe in 1935. It almost came into existence when the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin was laid down in 1936, but lack of suitable aircraft, coupled with the reluctance of the Luftwaffe to support the Kriegsmarine in the carriers construction, culminated in its eventual cancellation in 1943, and all anti-ship operations were transferred to the Luftwaffe shortly afterwards.

After the Second world war, it was not until the accession of West Germany to NATO in the 1950-ies and the establishment of the Bundesmarine, which was formed the naval aviation Marineflieger.

The British largely contributed to the creation of the Marineflieger, which provides training and aircraft. A number of Royal Navy officers hand the air, the FAA operated as part of the German fleet in the process. The first aircraft included Hawker sea hawks, which were used Marinefliegergeschwader 1 and 2 and Fairey gannets. Before the new bases were ready, the pilots were trained, with the FAA in the UK.

  • flying IDS. Operational Conversion Unit, active, flying 14 aircraft. Marineflieger - The German Naval Air Arm obtained 112 IDS aircraft for the anti - shipping
  • down to just 85. In the past, the Bundesmarine s naval air wing the Marineflieger received 112 Tornado IDS planes. However, during late 2004, the last
  • Airframe Dossier - SikorskyS - 58 H - 34 HSS Wessex, s n 80 73 Marineflieger c n 58 - 1557 Aerial Visuals. Retrieved 29 October
  • Traditionsgemeinschaft JaboG - 34 in Memmingen, Germany. 23 09 Marineflieger Wernigerode. 25 49 Wernigerode front fuselage only 26 49 Luftwaffenmuseum
  • Pfeilflieger Lohner 1913 Pfeilflieger Lohner Parasol AD 426 Lohner Marineflieger III Lohner Warnemunde L32 Others have this as a Model T Lohner
  • Dassault - Breguet Atlantique electronic surveillance aircraft of the Marineflieger German Naval Air Arm The EADS sensor package is composed of six wing - mounted
  • ICAO: ETMN Summary Airport type Military Owner German Navy Operator Marineflieger German Naval Air Location Nordholz, Germany Elevation AMSL 74 ft
  • 1913 1914 Heeresluftschiffe - Abteilung 1909 1917 German Naval Aviation Marineflieger 1957 East German Navy, Naval Air Force 1990 German Imperial Navy aviation
  • Marineflieger - Geschwader 1
  • 25 August A Lockheed TF - 104G Starfighter, 27 30, c n 5732, of MFG 1, Marineflieger downed by engine failure due to FOD, shortly after take - off from Jagel

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