ⓘ The Turning Point (1945 film)

The Turning Point (1945 film)

ⓘ The Turning Point (1945 film)

The Turning Point is a 1945 Soviet, Russian-language war film directed by Fridrikh Ermler based on a screenplay by Boris Chirskov. The film was one of the earlier Palme dOr winners of 1946. Runtime: 108 min. It was produced by GOSKINO at Kinostudiya Lenfilm, distributed in the USA by Artkino Pictures, and restored in 1967 at Lenfilm Studio. Working title - General of the Army


1. Cast

  • Andrei Abrikosov as Lt. Gen. Krivenko
  • Nikolay Korn
  • Vladimir Marev
  • Pavel Volkov as Stepan
  • Aleksandr Zrazhevsky as Lt. Gen. Panteleev
  • Yuri Tolubeyev as Lavrov
  • Mark Bernes as Minutka Driver
  • Petr Andrievsky as Col. Gen. Vinogradov
  • Mikhail Derzhavin as Col. Gen. Muravyev
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