ⓘ The Straw Hat

The Straw Hat

ⓘ The Straw Hat

The Straw Hat is a 1974 Soviet musical comedy television film directed by Leonid Kvinikhidze based on a play by Eugene Marin Labiche and Marc-Michel. The films music was composed by Isaac Schwartz.


1. Plot summary

The extravagant life of a charming rentier who thought nothing of consequences. But living on credit finally wakes him up, forcing to end his bachelors life by marrying the daughter of a wealthy earl for her money. All goes well until a horse eats a certain straw hat, triggering a series of farcical vents interwoven with the marriage.


2. Cast

  • Igor Kvasha
  • Marina Starykh
  • Mikhail Kozakov
  • Lyudmila Gurchenko
  • Yekaterina Vasilyeva
  • Alisa Freindlich
  • Aleksandr Benyaminov
  • Irina Maguto
  • Sergey Migitsko
  • Mikhail Boyarsky
  • Vladislav Strzhelchik
  • Vladimir Tatosov
  • Zinovi Gerdt
  • Yefim Kopelyan
  • Yelena Yefimova
  • Andrei Mironov

3. Songs from the film

  • Our city isnt worse than Paris.
  • Song about lovers
  • National Guards March
  • Im getting married, Im getting married.
  • Song about broken hopes
  • Song about the straw hat
  • Final song Rest in peace, Eugene Labiche.
  • Intro song

See for the text of the songs in Russian

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