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M2 Hyde

ⓘ M2 Hyde

The Hyde-Inland M2 was a United States submachine gun design submitted for trials at Aberdeen Proving Ground in February, 1941. Work was undertaken by General Motors Inland Manufacturing Division to develop workable prototypes of George Hydes design patented in 1935. The model first submitted for trials in April 1942 was designated the Hyde-Inland 1. Trials revealed the design was superior to the M1 submachine gun in mud and dirt tests, and its accuracy in full-automatic firing was better than any other submachine gun tested at the time. An improved Hyde-Inland 2 was designated U.S. Submachine gun, Caliber.45, M2 as a substitute standard for the M1 Thompson in April, 1942. As Inlands manufacturing capacity became focused on M1 carbine production, the US Army contracted M2 production to Marlin Firearms in July, 1942. Marlin began production in May 1943. Marlins production failed to match the trials prototype performance, and Marlins original contract for 164.450 M2s was canceled in 1943 upon adoption of the M3 submachine gun. The M2 is chambered for the.45 ACP cartridge and used the same 20- or 30-round magazine as the Thompson. Its cyclic rate of fire is 570 rounds per minute. None of the approximately 400 manufactured were issued by any branches of the United States military.

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