ⓘ Vakhsh Range

Vakhsh Range

ⓘ Vakhsh Range

Vakhsh Range is a mountain range in Tajikistan, forming the north-west border of Khatlon Province with the Region of Republican Subordination. It stretches for a length of about 80 km along the left bank in the middle course of the Vakhsh River. Maximum altitude is 3.141 meters. Composed of sandstone, limestone, and clay. Semidesert and subtropical steppe. Ваш это тавилдара Kyzylsu River rises on its southern slopes.

  • miles west to its junction with the Kyzyl - Suu. It would then follow the Vakhsh River about 140 miles west - southwest until the country becomes flat and
  • Independence Day Military Parade United Tajik Opposition Uzbekistan Uzbek SSR Vakhsh River Vanji language Wakhi language Wakhi people Women in Tajikistan Yaghnobi
  • province. Chumdon, Tajikistan is east of Dushanbe on the Pamir Highway, in the Vakhsh River valley and has a Koppen climate classification of Dsa and experiences
  • often associated with early Indo - Aryan movements into northwest India. Vakhsh culture Chust culture Yaz culture Mallory, J. P. Adams, Douglas Q. 1997
  • tributaries of the Amu Darya River, in the lower courses of the Vakhsh River ranging eastwards to the Gissar Valley and slightly beyond Dushanbe. Jungle
  • faults, the earthquake is thought to have been caused by movement on the Vakhsh thrust, one of these faults. In the area of maximum felt intensity IX
  • Tajikistan. It also has been found growing in the Hissar Range and in the land around the Vakhsh River in Tajikistan. In Kyrgyzstan it grows in the Chuy
  • Xinjiang. It is one of the earliest sedentary Iranian cultures. Yaz culture Vakhsh culture Bishkent culture Mallory, J. P. Adams, Douglas Q. 1997 Chust
  • restricted to the middle Amu Darya River between Chardzhou and Kerki and the Vakhsh River an Amu Darya tributary It has declined because of habitat loss

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