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ⓘ Tequixquiac

Tequixquiac is a municipality located in the Zumpango Region of the State of Mexico in Mexico. The municipality is located 84 kilometres north of Mexico City within the valley that connects the Valley of Mexico with the Mezquital Valley. The name comes from Nahuatl and means "place of tequesquite waters". The municipal seat is the town of Santiago Tequixquiac, although both the town and municipality are commonly referred to as simply "Tequixquiac".

Municipality known as "the cradle of primitive art in America" because of the sacral bone and other artifacts found in the region.

  • South America, Central America, and Mesoamerica. A bone artifact from Tequixquiac may come from a pre - projectile point horizon. Evidence from Tlapacoya
  • municipality has a territory of 244.08km2 and borders the municipalities of Tequixquiac Hueypoxtla, Teoloyucan, Cuautitan, Nextlapan, Jaltenco, Tecamac, Coyotepec
  • although this is still subject of discussion. Sacrum bone found in Tequixquiac is considered a work of prehistoric art. The town was inhabited in 35
  • carried out by which the waters of the valley discharge through the Tequixquiac tunnel. Lunario y Regimiento de Salud Mexico, 1604 Repertorio de tiempo
  • Juchitepec Nopaltepec Otumba Ozumba Temascalapa Tenango del Aire Tepetlixpa Tequixquiac Villa del Carbon The following intrastate regions have some municipalities
  • to procure these began in the 1940s. In 1945 the Xochiaca dam and the Tequixquiac tunnel were built, the diversion of potable water allowed for the creation
  • the Grand Canal was built parallel to the Nochistongo one ending in Tequixquiac The Grand Canal consists of one main canal, which measures 6.5 meters
  • Evidence of masks made with bone thousands of years old have been found at Tequixquiac State of Mexico. These masks had various uses but always in connection
  • Charreria in Tequixquiac Central Mexico

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