ⓘ 1920 in film


The Golem: How He Came into the World

The Golem: How He Came into the World is a 1920 silent horror film and a leading example of early German Expressionism. Paul Wegener starred as the titular creature, as well as co-directing the film with Carl Boese and co-writing the script with Henrik Galeen based on Gustav Meyrinks 1915 novel. Photographer Karl Freund went on to work on the 1930s classic Universal horror films years later in Hollywood. This was the third of three films that Wegener made featuring the golem, the other two being The Golem and the short comedy The Golem and the Dancing Girl, in which Wegener dons the golem ...


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920 Paramount film)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a 1920 horror silent film produced by Famous Players-Lasky and released through Paramount/Artcraft. The film, which stars John Barrymore, was a film adaptation of the 1886 novella The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. John S. Robertson directed the production, and Clara Beranger wrote the screenplay, based on the 1887 stage play by Thomas Russell Sullivan that in turn was based on the novel. The story, set in late Victorian London, portrays the tragic consequences of a doctors experiments in separating the dual personalities he thin ...


The Last of the Mohicans (1920 American film)

The Last of the Mohicans is a 1920 American film adapted from James Fenimore Coopers novel of the same name. Clarence Brown and Maurice Tourneur directed an adaption by Robert Dillon - a story of two English sisters meeting danger on the frontier of the American colonies, in and around the fort commanded by their father. The adventure film stars Wallace Beery, Barbara Bedford, Lillian Hall and Alan Roscoe. The film was well received at the time of its release. Film historian William K. Everson considers The Last of the Mohicans to be a masterpiece. In 1995, this film was deemed "culturally ...


The Garage (1920 film)

The Garage is a 1920 American two-reel silent comedy film directed by and starring Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle and featuring Buster Keaton. This was the fourteenth and last film starring the duo before Keaton set up his own studio and Arbuckle started making feature-length films. The film also stars Luke the Dog, who starred in many other short comedies with Arbuckle. The film was also known as Fire Chief.


Wuthering Heights (1920 film)

Wuthering Heights is a 1920 British silent drama film directed by A. V. Bramble and starring Milton Rosmer, Colette Brettel and Warwick Ward. It is the first film adaptation made of the 1847 novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and was primarily filmed in and around her home village of Haworth. It is not known whether the film currently survives, and it is considered to be a lost film.


The Mark of Zorro (1920 film)

The Mark of Zorro is a 1920 silent adventure romance film starring Douglas Fairbanks and Noah Beery Sr. This genre-defining swashbuckler adventure was the first movie version of The Mark of Zorro. Based on the 1919 story The Curse of Capistrano by Johnston McCulley, which introduced the masked hero, Zorro, the screenplay was adapted by Fairbanks and Eugene Miller. The film was produced by Fairbanks for his own production company, Douglas Fairbanks Pictures Corporation, and was the first film released through United Artists, the company formed by Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, a ...

1920 in film

ⓘ 1920 in film

  • November 27 – The Mark of Zorro, starring Douglas Fairbanks opens.
  • August – Jack Cohn, Joe Brandt and Harry Cohn form C. B. C. Film Sales Corporation which would later become Columbia Pictures.

1.1. Notable films released in 1920 Austria

For a complete list see: List of Austrian films of the 1920s
  • The Prince and the Pauper directed by Alexander Korda.
  • The Scourge of God directed by Michael Curtiz.
  • The Star of Damascus directed by Michael Curtiz.
  • Boccaccio directed by Michael Curtiz.

1.2. Notable films released in 1920 France

For a complete list see: French films of 1920
  • Barrabas directed by Louis Feuillade

1.3. Notable films released in 1920 Germany

For a complete list see: List of German films of 1920
  • Algol, starring Emil Jannings
  • Kohlhiesels Tochter Kohlhiesels Daughter directed by Ernst Lubitsch
  • Genuine starring Fern Andra
  • Satan Satanas directed by F. W. Murnau
  • Die Todeskarawane, starring Dora Gerson and Bela Lugosi
  • Sumurun One Arabian Night directed by Ernst Lubitsch, starring Paul Wegener
  • Anna Boleyn directed by Ernst Lubitsch
  • The Hunchback and the Dancer Der Bucklige und die Tanzerin directed by F.W. Murnau
  • The Golem: How He Came Into the World Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam directed by & starring Paul Wegener
  • Evening – Night – Morning Abend – Nacht – Morgen directed by F.W. Murnau
  • The Last of the Mohicans Der Letzte der Mohikaner, starring Bela Lugosi
  • The Head of Janus Der Januskopf directed by F.W. Murnau, starring Conrad Veidt
  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari directed by Robert Wiene; starring Werner Krauss, Conrad Veidt and Lil Dagover


1.4. Notable films released in 1920 Sweden

For a complete list see: Swedish films before 1930
  • Karin Daughter of Ingmar Karin Ingmarsdotter directed by & starring Victor Sjostrom
  • The Monastery of Sendomir Klostret i Sendomir directed by Victor Sjostrom
  • Herr och fru Stockholm How Not to Dress, starring Greta Garbo
  • Erotikon directed by Mauritz Stiller
  • The Parsons Widow Prastankan directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer

1.5. Notable films released in 1920 United Kingdom

For a complete list see: British films of 1920
  • Colonel Newcome directed by Fred Goodwins starring Milton Rosmer, Joyce Carey
  • Trents Last Case directed by Richard Garrick; starring Gregory Scott, Pauline Peters and Clive Brook
  • The Lure of Crooning Water directed by Arthur Rooke; starring Guy Newall and Ivy Duke
  • The Ever Open Door directed by Fred Goodwins; starring Hayford Hobbs
  • Mr. Gilfils Love Story directed by A.V. Bramble; starring Mary Odette
  • Build Thy House directed by Fred Goodwins, starring Henry Ainley
  • The Twelve Pound Look directed by Jack Denton; starring Milton Rosmer
  • A Son of David directed by Hay Plumb; starring Ronald Colman
  • The Fordington Twins directed by W.P. Kellino
  • General Post directed by Thomas Bentley; starring Douglas Munro, Lilian Braithwaite
  • Bleak House directed by Maurice Elvey
  • Ernest Maltravers directed by Jack Denton; starring Lillian Hall-Davis

2. Film series

  • The Son of Tarzan, a 15-chapter film series
  • The Pirates Prey
  • The Call of the Jungle
  • The Sheiks Revenge
  • The Killers Mate
  • The Kiss of the Beast
  • Meriems Ride in the Night
  • The Coming of Tarzan
  • The Quest of the Killer
  • Tarzan Takes the Trail
  • Girl of the Jungle
  • Double Crossed
  • Ashes of Love
  • An Amazing Denouement
  • Blazing Hearts
  • Out of the Lions Jaws

Short film series

  • Haunted Spooks
  • Harold Lloyd 1913–1951
  • Number, Please?
  • His Royal Slyness
  • Get Out and Get Under
  • High and Dizzy
  • An Eastern Westerner
  • Neighbors
  • The Scarecrow
  • Convict 13
  • The Garage
  • The Saphead
  • One Week
  • Buster Keaton 1917–1941

3. Animated short film series

The following is a list of animated shorts of the year 1920 that belong to series that lasted several years.

  • Foxy Felix May 16, 1920
  • Nifty Nurse August 22, 1920
  • The Circus September 26, 1920
  • My Hero October 24, 1920
  • A Frolic with Felix January 25, 1920
  • Felix and the Feed Bag July 18, 1920
  • Felixs Fish Story December 26, 1920
  • A Hungry Hoodoo June 6, 1920
  • Felix the Cat 1919–1936
  • Wrecking a Romeo March 7, 1920
  • Felix the Food Controller April 11, 1920
  • The Great Cheese Robbery June 13, 1920
  • Felix the Landlord November 21, 1920
  • Felix the Pinch Hitter April 18, 1920
  • Felix the Big Game Hunter February 22, 1920
  • Out of the Inkwell 1918–1929

A major animated series of the silent era produced by Max Fleischer from 1918 to 1929 in which it appeared Koko the Clown:

  • The Clowns Little Brother
  • The Restaurant
  • The Boxing Kangaroo
  • Poker
  • Perpetual Motion
  • The Ouija Board
  • The Circus
  • The Chinaman


4. Births

  • January 20
  • January 7 – Vincent Gardenia, actor died 1992
  • DeForest Kelley, actor died 1999
  • Federico Fellini, film director died 1993
  • Michael Anderson, director died 2018
  • January 27 – John Box, production designer, four-time Oscar winner died 2005
  • January 30
  • Delbert Mann, director died 2007
  • October 1 – Walter Matthau, actor died 2000
  • March 16 – Leo McKern, actor died 2002
  • October 27 – Nanette Fabray, actress died 2018
  • Noel Neill, actress died 2016
  • May 11 – Denver Pyle, actor died 1997
  • Ricardo Montalban, actor died 2009
  • October 22 – Mitzi Green, actress died 1969
  • September 27 – William Conrad, actor died 1994
  • October 21 – Hy Averback, actor died 1997
  • July 11 – Yul Brynner, actor died 1985
  • July 28 – Andrew V. McLaglen, film & TV director, son of Victor McLaglen died 2014
  • March 3 – James Doohan, actor died 2005
  • February 26 – Tony Randall, actor died 2004
  • September 18 – Jack Warden, actor died 2006
  • October 17 – Montgomery Clift, actor died 1966
  • November 19 – Gene Tierney, actress died 1991
  • May 26 – Peggy Lee, singer, songwriter, actress died 2002
  • August 22 – Ray Bradbury, writer died 2012
  • June 18 – Ian Carmichael, English stage, film and television actor died 2010
  • August 6 – Ella Raines, actress died 1988
  • November 25
  • November 10 – Jennifer Holt, actress died 1997
  • April 1 – Toshiro Mifune, actor died 1997
  • August 18 – Shelley Winters, actress died 2006
  • May 16 – Martine Carol, actress died 1967
  • February 11 – Billy Halop, actor died 1976
  • September 23 – Mickey Rooney, actor died 2014
  • May 29 – Clifton James, actor died 2017
  • June 17 – Setsuko Hara, Japanese film actress died 2015
  • August 17 – Maureen OHara, actress died 2015
  • February 29 – Michele Morgan, actress died 2016
  • March 6 – Lewis Gilbert, director died 2018
  • October 13 – Laraine Day, actress died 2007
  • Shelagh Fraser, English actress 2000
  • October 18 – Melina Mercouri, actress died 1994
  • June 29 – Ray Harryhausen, producer, visual effects artist died 2013
  • October 10 - Noah Keen, actor died 2019
  • April 2 – Jack Webb, actor died 1982
  • December 31 – Rex Allen, American cowboy actor, singer died 1999
  • December 7 – Frances Gifford, actress died 1994
  • December 29 – Viveca Lindfors, actress died 1995
  • December 30 – Jack Lord, actor died 1998
  • November 30 – Virginia Mayo, actress died 2005

5. Deaths

  • May 22 – Hal Reid, 59, American actor & director father of Wallace Reid
  • January 31 – Gilda Langer, 23, German actress
  • February 17 – Thomas Commerford, 64, American veteran character actor
  • August 2 – Ormer Locklear, 29, American stunt flier
  • March 2 – Harry Solter, 46, American actor
  • June 14 – Gabrielle Rejane, 64, stage and film actress
  • August 28 – Suzanne Grandais, 27, French actress
  • September 10 – Olive Thomas, 25, American actress
  • August 1 – Eugene Gaudio, 33, Italian born cinematographer brother of Tony Gaudio
  • November 19 – Will S. Davis, 38, American film director
  • December 9 – Mollie McConnell, 55, American actress
  • February 11 – Gaby Deslys, 38, French actress, dancer, singer
  • April 25 – Clarine Seymour, 21, American actress
  • September 5 – Robert Harron, 27, American actor
  • August 13 – Gladys Field, 31, actress died in childbirth
  • April 12 – Walter Edwards, 50, American director

6. Film debuts

  • Claude Rains
  • Alfred Hitchcock – director
  • Greta Garbo
  • Barbara La Marr
  • Mary Astor
  • Madge Bellamy
  • Otis Skinner
  • Victor McLaglen
  • Charles Boyer
  • Nita Naldi
  • Cornelia Otis Skinner

7. Films set in 1920

There are films released in later years whose plot is developed totally or partially in 1920:

  • The Treaty 1991: The film is about the Anglo-Irish Treaty that Michael Collins bargained for with the British government in 1921.
  • 1920 film series 2008–2016
  • The Admiral 2008
  • Reds 1981
  • Life and Nothing But 1989: Set in October 1920, it tells the story of Major Delaplane, a man whose job is to find the identities of unknown dead soldiers after World War I.
  • Three Comrades 1938
  • Clash of Loyalties 1938
  • Winterset 1936
  • Michael Collins 1996
  • The Ball of Count Orgel 1970: Set in 1920, the Comte hosts a soiree and dance for the upper echelons of Parisian society.
  • The Road Back 1937
  • A Month in the Country 1987: Set in rural Yorkshire during the summer of 1920, the film follows a destitute World War I veteran employed to carry out restoration work on a Medieval mural discovered in a rural church while coming to terms with the after-effects of the war.
  • Hostile Whirlwinds 1953: Film portrays the first years of Soviet government, biography of Felix Dzerzhinsky in 1918–1921.
  • Manhattan Melodrama 1934
  • Once Upon a Time in America 1984: David "Noodles" Aaronson struggles as a street kid in Manhattans Lower East Side in 1920.
  • Vengeance 1970: The film is set in 1920 Peking, and centers on a revenge plight of Chiang.
  • Kappalottiya Thamizhan 1961
  • The Image Makers 2000: The drama is set in the year 1920 at Filmstaden where the film director Victor Sjostrom is shooting the film The Phantom Carriage.
  • The Man Who Planted Trees 1987
1920 2008 1920: The Evil Returns 2012 1920: London 2016
  • Sunstroke 2014
  • Battle of Warsaw 1920 2011

  • is a lost 1920 American silent drama film directed by George Melford and starring Mabel Julienne Scott and Milton Sills in a filmization of Sir Gilbert
  • Warsaw 1920 pol. Bitwa warszawska 1920 is a Polish historical film directed by Jerzy Hoffman depicting the events of the Battle of Warsaw 1920 of the
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a 1920 horror film directed and written by J. Charles Haydon, starring Sheldon Lewis. It is the second of three adaptations
  • Play media The Mark of Zorro is a 1920 silent adventure romance film starring Douglas Fairbanks and Noah Beery Sr.. This genre - defining swashbuckler adventure
  • 1920 is a series of Indian horror films The story is written by Vikram Bhatt, for all three films in the series. The first film released in 2008 is directed
  • The Mutiny of the Elisnore is a 1920 American silent action film directed by Edward Sloman and starring Mitchell Lewis, Helen Ferguson, and Noah Beery
  • Sairandhari is a 1920 Hindi film based on an episode from the Mahabharata and directed by Baburao Painter and Produced by Maharashtra Film Company. V. Shantaram
  • Hearts are Trumps is a 1920 American silent drama film directed by Rex Ingram and starring Winter Hall, Frank Brownlee and Alice Terry. Winter Hall as
  • Recamier is a 1920 German silent historical film directed by Joseph Delmont and starring Fern Andra, Bernd Aldor and Albert Steinruck. The film portrays the
  • Herztrumpf is a 1920 German silent film directed by Ewald Andre Dupont and starring Hermann Vallentin, Hans Mierendorff and Adele Sandrock. The film s sets were

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