ⓘ 1919 in film


Vendetta (1919 film)

Vendetta or Blood Revenge is a 1919 German silent drama film directed by Georg Jacoby starring Pola Negri, Emil Jannings and Harry Liedtke.


Victory (1919 film)

Victory is a surviving 1919 American drama film directed by Maurice Tourneur and starring Jack Holt, Seena Owen, Lon Chaney, and Wallace Beery. The film is an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Joseph Conrad. The screenplay was written by Jules Furthman.


Around the World in Eighty Days (1919 film)

Around the World in Eighty Days is a 1919 German silent adventure comedy film, directed and produced by Richard Oswald and starring Conrad Veidt, Anita Berber and Reinhold Schunzel. It is based on the 1873 Jules Verne novel Around the World in Eighty Days. It premiered at the Marmorhaus in Berlin.


The Hayseed

Buster is the manager of a post office and general store in a provincial town where Fatty works as the mailman. While delivering his letters for the day, Fatty stops to see his girlfriend Fanny Malone on her farm. There they play a game of hide-and-seek. While Fanny searches for Fatty he falls asleep; meanwhile, the towns constable arrives at the house and begins flirting with her. Later in the day Fatty is busy sending out deliveries to the townsfolk when the constable sneaks into the building and steals a letter hidden by Fatty after hearing it is insured for $300. The constable presents ...


Daddy-Long-Legs (1919 film)

Daddy-Long-Legs is a 1919 American silent comedy-drama film directed by Marshall Neilan, and based on Jean Websters novel Daddy-Long-Legs. The film stars Mary Pickford.


For Better, for Worse (1919 film)

For Better, for Worse is a 1919 American silent drama film directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starring Gloria Swanson. The film was the second of four "marriage films" directed by DeMille and the second DeMille film starring Gloria Swanson. For Better, for Worse was adapted for the screen by William C. DeMille. Jeanie MacPherson wrote the films scenario.

1919 in film

ⓘ 1919 in film

  • September 18 – Ufa-Palast am Zoo in Berlin opens rebuilt as a permanent cinema with the premiere of Ernst Lubitschs Madame Dubarry.
  • Harold Lloyd begins holding test screenings of his films and modifying them based on audience feedback, a technique which continues in use.
  • Tri-Ergon sound-on-film technology is developed by three German inventors, Josef Engl, Hans Vogt engineer, and Joseph Massole; however, the era of sound films is over 6 years away.
  • September 1 – United Artists release their first film, His Majesty, the American starring Douglas Fairbanks.
  • May 13 – D. W. Griffiths first film to be released by United Artists, Broken Blossoms, has its premiere in New York City.
  • February 5 – Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and D. W. Griffith launch United Artists.
  • October 24 - The Capitol Theatre in New York City becomes one of the largest cinemas in the world with 4.000 seats.
  • March – Oscar Micheaux premieres The Homesteader, the first feature-length race film, starring pioneering African American actress Evelyn Preer, becoming the first African American to produce and direct a motion picture.
  • August 29 – The Miracle Man displayed Lon Chaneys talent for make-up and made him famous as a character actor.
  • November 16 – Constance Talmadge becomes a star with the release of A Virtuous Vamp.

1. Notable films released in 1919 around the world

  • Youre Fired, directed by James Cruze, starring Wallace Reid & Wanda Hawley
  • When the Clouds Roll By, starring Douglas Fairbanks
  • The Lost Battalion
  • Different from the Others, directed by Richard Oswald, starring Conrad Veidt – Germany
  • Loves Prisoner, starring Olive Thomas
  • Bumping into Broadway, starring Harold Lloyd and Bebe Daniels
  • His Majesty, the American, starring Douglas Fairbanks
  • Blind Husbands, directed by and starring Erich von Stroheim
  • Anne of Green Gables, directed by William Desmond Taylor; starring Mary Miles Minter and Paul Kelly
  • Sir Arnes Treasure Herr Arnes pengar, directed by Mauritz Stiller, starring Richard Lund – Sweden
  • The Boy in Blue Knabe in Blau, directed by F.W. Murnau – Germany
  • The Doll, directed by Ernst Lubitsch – Germany
  • Broken Blossoms, directed by D.W. Griffith, starring Lillian Gish and Richard Barthelmess
  • The Mistress of the World, directed by Joe May Weimar Republic
  • The False Faces, directed by Irvin Willat, starring Henry B. Walthall and Lon Chaney
  • The Cinema Murder, directed by George D. Baker; starring Marion Davies
  • The Test of Honor, directed by John S. Robertson, starring John Barrymore, and Constance Binney
  • The Grim Game, starring Harry Houdini
  • Ravished Armenia – directed by Oscar Apfel, starring Aurora Mardiganian
  • The Echo of Youth, directed by Ivan Abramson
  • The Homesteader, directed by Oscar Micheaux, starring Evelyn Preer
  • The Sentimental Bloke – Australia
  • Bolshevism on Trial, directed by Harley Knoles
  • Hawthorne of the U.S.A. directed by James Cruze, starring Wallace Reid
  • Sons of Ingmar Ingmarssonerna, directed by Victor Sjostrom – Sweden
  • The Belle of New York, directed by Julius Steger; starring Marion Davies
  • The Delicious Little Devil, starring Mae Murray and Rudolph Valentino
  • The Jack of Hearts, starring Hoot Gibson
  • The Valley of the Giants, directed by James Cruze, starring Wallace Reid
  • Sahara, starring Louise Glaum, written by C. Gardner Sullivan
  • The Master Mystery, serial, starring Harry Houdini
  • South documentary of Sir Ernest Shackletons Endurance Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, filmed by Frank Hurley – GB
  • The Avalanche directed by George Fitzmaurice starring Elsie Ferguson
  • Dont Change Your Husband, directed by Cecil B. DeMille, starring Gloria Swanson
  • Getting Mary Married, directed by Allan Dwan; starring Marion Davies and Matt Moore
  • The Wicked Darling, directed by Tod Browning, starring Lon Chaney and Priscilla Dean
  • The Miracle Man, starring Thomas Meighan, Lon Chaney and Betty Compson
  • The Life Line, directed by Maurice Tourneur, starring Wallace Beery
  • True Heart Susie, starring Lillian Gish and Bobby Harron
  • My Wife, the Movie Star, directed by Ernst Lubitsch Germany
  • Daddy-Long-Legs, starring Mary Pickford
  • The White Heather, directed by Maurice Tourneur
  • The Witness for the Defense starring Elsie Ferguson and Warner Oland
  • The Knickerbocker Buckaroo, starring Douglas Fairbanks
  • The Oyster Princess Die Austerprinzessin – Germany
  • Here Comes the Bride directed by John S. Robertson, starring John Barrymore, Faire Binney
  • Captain Kidds Kids, a Harold Lloyd short
  • Male and Female, directed by Cecil B. DeMille, starring Gloria Swanson and Thomas Meighan
  • Victory, directed by Maurice Tourneur, starring Lon Chaney, Seena Owen, Wallace Beery, Jack Holt
  • Madame DuBarry, directed by Ernst Lubitsch, starring Pola Negri and Emil Jannings – Germany
  • Heart o the Hills directed by Sidney Franklin, starring Mary Pickford
  • A Society Exile directed by George Fitzmaurice starring Elsie Ferguson
  • The Beetle, directed by Alexander Butler – GB
  • Jaccuse, directed by Abel Gance – France
  • The Roaring Road, directed by James Cruze, starring Wallace Reid
  • Yankee Doodle in Berlin, directed by F. Richard Jones, starring Bothwell Browne, Ford Sterling, Marie Prevost, produced by Mack Sennett
  • Damaged Goods, directed by Alexander Butler – GB
  • The Dark Star, directed by Allan Dwan; starring Marion Davies and Norman Kerry
  • The Better Ole – GB
  • My Ladys Garter, directed by Maurice Tourneur
  • Intoxication, directed by Ernst Lubitsch, starring Asta Nielsen Germany
  • The First Men in the Moon – GB

2.1. Comedy film series Buster Keaton 1917–1941

Films starring Roscoe Arbuckle, featuring Buster Keaton released in 1919:

  • September 7: Back Stage a Fatty Arbuckle / Buster Keaton short.
  • October 26: The Hayseed as a Manager, general store.

2.2. Comedy film series Charlie Chaplin 1914–1923

Charlie Chaplin wrote, produced, directed, and starred in 9 films for his own production company between 1918 and 1923. These films were distributed by First National. Below the movies filmed in 1919:

  • December 15: A Days Pleasure ; Two reels. First film with Jackie Coogan, future star of "The Kid"
  • May 15: Sunnyside ; Three reels Score composed for 1974 re-release

Score composed for 1973 re-release

Uncompleted and unreleased films
  • The Professor as Professor Bosco, Slated as a two-reeler, but never issued

2.3. Comedy film series Harold Lloyd 1913–1921

Glasses character "The Boy":

  • Young Mr. Jazz
  • A Jazzed Honeymoon
  • The Rajah
  • Going! Going! Gone!
  • Pay Your Dues
  • Bumping Into Broadway
  • Chop Suey & Co.
  • Off the Trolley
  • Count the Votes
  • Next Aisle Over
  • Si, Senor
  • Just Dropped In
  • On the Fire, aka. The Chef
  • Im on My Way
  • Before Breakfast
  • Swat the Crook
  • Billy Blazes, Esq. – as Billy Blazes; the film was a parody of Westerns of the time
  • Be My Wife
  • At the Old Stage Door
  • The Marathon
  • His Only Father
  • Ask Father
  • Pistols for Breakfast
  • Captain Kidds Kids
  • He Leads, Others Follow
  • Dont Shove
  • Just Neighbors
  • From Hand to Mouth
  • Look Out Below
  • A Sammy in Siberia
  • Count Your Change
  • Soft Money
  • The Dutiful Dub
  • Never Touched Me
  • Spring Fever
  • Heap Big Chief
  • Crack Your Heels
  • Ring Up the Curtain, aka Back-Stage!
  • Wanted – $5.000


3. Animated short film series

Koko the Clown 1919–1934

Koko the Clown was the first animated movie cartoon series. Below list of short films released in 1919:

  • The Tantalizing Fly
  • Slides
  • The Clowns Pups
  • Experiment No. 2
  • Experiment No. 3
  • Out of the Inkwell

Felix the Cat 1919–1936

Below list of Felix the Cat short films released in 1919:

November 9: Feline Follies November 16: The Musical Mews December 14: The Adventures of Felix

4. Births

  • January 13 – Robert Stack, actor died 2003
  • January 1 – Carole Landis, actress died 1948
  • January 24 – Coleman Francis, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter died 1973
  • Tim Holt, actor died 1973
  • January 21 – Jinx Falkenburg, model, actress died 2003
  • Red Buttons, actor died 2006
  • February 4 – Janet Waldo, actress died 2016
  • February 5
  • January 23 – Ernie Kovacs, comedian, actor died 1962
  • June 19 – Pauline Kael, film critic died 2001
  • March 2 – Jennifer Jones, actress died 2009
  • May 8 – Lex Barker, actor died 1973
  • April 13 – Howard Keel, actor died 2004
  • September 24 – Rick Vallin, Russian-born actor died 1977
  • August 2 – Nehemiah Persoff, actor
  • June 24 – Al Molinaro, actor died 2015
  • August 8 – Dino De Laurentiis, producer died 2010
  • Martin Balsam, actor died 1996
  • July 26 – Virginia Gilmore, actress died 1986
  • September 2 – Marge Champion, dancer, actress, choreographer
  • October 5 – Donald Pleasence, actor died 1995
  • June 29 – Slim Pickens, actor died 1983
  • April 18 – Vondell Darr, child actress died 2012
  • September 18 – Diana Lewis, actress died 1997
  • February 18 – Jack Palance, actor died 2006
  • June 14 – Sam Wanamaker, director, actor died 1993
  • April 18 – Virginia OBrien, American actress died 2001
  • June 12 – Uta Hagen, actress died 2004
  • Shirley Mitchell, actress died 2013
  • March 25 – Jeanne Cagney, actress died 1984
  • July 7 – Jon Pertwee, actor died 1996
  • February 11 – Eva Gabor, actress died 1995
  • November 4
  • May 23 – Betty Garrett, actress died 2011
  • March 29 – Eileen Heckart, actress died 2001
  • August 7 – Bertha Moss, Argentine-Mexican actress died 2008
  • September 26 – Barbara Britton, actress died 1980
  • November 13
  • Mary Beth Hughes, actress died 1995
  • Amelia Bence, actress died 2016
  • November 15 – Nova Pilbeam, actress died 2015
  • December 21 – Ove Sprogoe, Danish actor d. 2004
  • November 19 – Alan Young, actor died 2016
  • December 7 – Lis Lowert, Danish actress d. 2009


5. Deaths

  • January 14 – Shelley Hull, 34, American stage & film actor, husband of Josephine Hull, brother of Henry Hull
  • April 9 – Sidney Drew, 55, American stage & film actor A Florida Enchantment
  • May 21 – Lamar Johnstone, 34, American silent film actor
  • May 3 – Daniel Gilfether, 70, American actor of stage & screen
  • November 24 – William Stowell, 34, American silent film star
  • February 17 – Vera Kholodnaya, 25, Russian silent film actress, A Corpse Living, The Woman Who Invented Love, Her Sisters Rival, Song of Triumphant Love
  • January 31 – Nat C. Goodwin, 59, veteran stage star & silent film actor
  • February 3 – Mary Moore actress, 29, Irish actress, sister of Joe, Matt, Owen and Tom Moore A Million a Minute

6. Film debuts

  • Fritz Lang – Halbblut
  • Otis Skinner – Toms Little Star
  • Claire Windsor – Eyes of Youth uncredited
  • Boris Karloff – The Lightning Raider
  • Norma Shearer – The Star Boarder short uncredited
  • Anna May Wong – The Red Lantern uncredited
  • Vilma Banky – Im letzten Augenblick
  • Shemp Howard – Spring Fever short
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  • Madame DuBarry is a 1919 German silent film on the life of Madame Du Barry. It was directed by Ernst Lubitsch, written by Norbert Falk and Hanns Kraly
  • Soldiers of Fortune is a lost 1919 American silent drama film directed by Allan Dwan and starring Wallace Beery. The film is based on the 1897 novel of
  • J accuse is a 1919 French silent film directed by Abel Gance. It juxtaposes a romantic drama with the background of the horrors of World War I, and it
  • Beautiful Nonsense is a 1919 British silent film drama directed by Henry Edwards, who also starred in the film with Chrissie White. The film is based on the best - selling
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  • Redemption Italian: Redenzione is a 1919 silent Italian drama film directed by Carmine Gallone and starring Diana Karenne, Alberto Pasquali and Elisa
  • The First Men in the Moon 1919 is a black - and - white silent film directed by Bruce Gordon and J. L. V. Leigh. The film is based on H. G. Wells science
  • The Rocks of Valpre is a 1919 British silent film directed by Maurice Elvey and starring Basil Gill, Peggy Carlisle and Cowley Wright. It is an adaptation
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