ⓘ 1915 in film


The Tramp (film)

The Tramp is Charlie Chaplins sixth film for Essanay Studios and was released in 1915. Directed by Chaplin, it was the fifth and last film made at Essanays Niles, California studio. The Tramp marked the beginning of The Tramp character most known today, even though Chaplin played the character in earlier films. This film marked the first departure from his more slapstick character in the earlier films, with a sad ending and showing he cared for others, rather than just himself. The film co-stars Edna Purviance as the farmers daughter and Ernest Van Pelt as Ednas father. The outdoor scenes ...


The Bank (1915 film)

The Bank was Charlie Chaplins tenth film for Essanay Films. Released in 1915, it is a slight departure from the tramp character, as Charlie Chaplin plays a janitor to a bank. Edna Purviance plays the secretary on whom Charlie has a crush and dreams that she has fallen in love with him. Filmed at the Majestic Studio in Los Angeles. There doesnt appear to be any evidence that this film was received any differently from the bulk of Chaplins early work, but today this film is often considered one of his best efforts during his Essanay period.


Les Vampires

Les Vampires is a 1915–16 French silent crime serial film written and directed by Louis Feuillade. Set in Paris, it stars Edouard Mathe, Musidora and Marcel Levesque. The main characters are a journalist and his friend who become involved in trying to uncover and stop a bizarre underground Apache gang, known as The Vampires. The serial consists of ten episodes, which vary greatly in length. Being roughly 7 hours long, it is considered one of the longest films ever made. It was produced and distributed by Feuillades company Gaumont. Due to its stylistic similarities with Feuillades other cr ...


The Golem (1915 film)

Der Golem is a 1915 German silent horror partially lost film, written and directed by Paul Wegener and Henrik Galeen. It was inspired by an ancient Jewish legend, the most prevalent version of the myth involving 16th century Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel who created the Golem to protect his people from antisemites. Wegener claimed the film was based on Gustav Meyrinks 1915 novel The Golem, but Troy Howarth states "it is more likely that simply drew upon European folklore". The film was the first of a trilogy produced by Wegener, followed by The Golem and the Dancing Girl 1917 and The Golem: ...


A Burlesque on Carmen

A Burlesque on Carmen is Charlie Chaplins thirteenth film for Essanay Studios, originally released as Carmen on December 18, 1915. Chaplin played the leading man and Edna Purviance played Carmen. The film is a parody of Cecil B. DeMilles Carmen 1915, which was itself an interpretation of the popular novella Carmen by Prosper Merimee. Chaplins original version was a tightly paced two-reeler, but in 1916 after he had moved to Mutual, Essanay reworked the film into a four-reel version called A Burlesque on Carmen, or Charlie Chaplins Burlesque on Carmen, adding discarded footage and new scene ...


Alice in Wonderland (1915 film)

Alice in Wonderland is a 1915 American silent dark fantasy adventure film adaptation of Lewis Carrolls classic novel, Alices Adventures in Wonderland, directed and written by W. W. Young and starring Viola Savoy as Alice. This film version is notable for depicting much of the Father William poem and it includes footage resembling Tenniels illustration of Father William doing his back-somersault at the front door.

1915 in film

ⓘ 1915 in film

  • February 1: Fox Film Corporation founded
  • October 1: A US court rules in United States v. Motion Picture Patents Co. that the Motion Picture Patents Company trust is monopolistic and orders it to be dissolved.
  • June 18: The Motion Picture Directors Association MPDA is formed by twenty-six film directors in Los Angeles, California.
  • February 22: The Allan Dwan directed film David Harum is released. The film is the first in long line of a successful romantic onscreen pairings of actors May Allison and Harold Lockwood.
  • November 18: Release of Inspiration, the first mainstream movie in which a leading actress Audrey Munson appears nude.
  • The Duplex Corporation creates a Split Duplex, an early widescreen film format where the film image is rotated 90 degrees and occupies half of a conventional frame.
  • February: Metro Pictures, a forerunner of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, is founded
  • March 15: Universal Studios Hollywood opens 1964.
  • September 11: A nitrate fire at Famous Players in New York destroys several completed but unreleased silent films which are later remade. Films lost include Mary Pickfords Esmerelda and The Foundling and John Barrymores The Red Widow.
  • July: Triangle Film Corporation is founded in Culver City, California and attracts filmmakers D. W. Griffith, Thomas H. Ince and Mack Sennett
  • December 13: Sessue Hayakawa becomes the first Asian actor to become a star in the US after his performance in The Cheat.
  • February 8: D.W Griffiths The Birth of a Nation premieres at Clunes Auditorium Los Angeles and breaks both box office and film length records running at a total length of over three hours.

1. Notable films released in 1915

All following films are American, except where stated.

  • Are You a Mason?, directed by Thomas N. Heffron, starring John Barrymore
  • Barnaby Rudge, directed by Thomas Bentley Britain
  • The Golem Der Golem, directed by and starring Paul Wegener – Germany
  • The Raven
  • Fattys Spooning Days, starring Fatty Arbuckle, Mabel Normand, and The Keystone Cops
  • The Soul of Broadway
  • The Lamb, starring Douglas Fairbanks
  • Madame Butterfly, directed by Sidney Olcott, starring Mary Pickford
  • The Immigrant
  • Filibus – Italy
  • The Man Who Stayed at Home – GB
  • The Cheat, directed by Cecil B. DeMille, starring Fannie Ward and Sessue Hayakawa
  • Assunta Spina, starring Francesca Bertini – Italy
  • Sagebrush Tom, starring Tom Mix
  • The Tramp, directed by and starring Charles Chaplin
  • The Crazy Clock Maker
  • The Italian
  • The Senator, directed by Joseph A. Golden
  • Work, directed by & starring Charles Chaplin
  • Regeneration, directed by Raoul Walsh, starring Rockliffe Fellowes and Anna Q. Nilsson
  • The Birth of a Nation, directed by D. W. Griffith, starring Lillian Gish
  • A Gentleman of Leisure, directed by George Melford, starring Wallace Eddinger
  • Double Trouble, starring Douglas Fairbanks
  • The Golden Chance, directed by Cecil B. DeMille, starring Cleo Ridgely and Wallace Reid
  • The Champion, starring Charles Chaplin and Edna Purviance
  • A Fool There Was, starring Theda Bara
  • Enoch Arden, starring Lillian Gish
  • Martyrs of the Alamo
  • The Prisoner of Zenda, starring Henry Ainley and Gerald Ames GB
  • Four Feathers
  • The Caprices of Kitty, directed by Phillips Smalley, starring Elsie Janis
  • Inspiration
  • Carmen, directed by Cecil B. DeMille, starring Geraldine Farrar
  • Carmen, directed by Raoul Walsh, starring Theda Bara
  • Le traquenard, starring Irene Bordoni – France
  • The Two Orphans, starring Theda Bara

2. Births

  • Fernando Lamas, actor died 1982
  • Anita Louise, actress died 1970
  • January 9
  • August 2 – Gary Merrill, actor died 1990
  • December 7 – Eli Wallach, actor died 2014
  • February 21 – Ann Sheridan, actress died 1967
  • March 2 – Lona Andre, actress died 1992
  • September 14 – Douglas Kennedy, actor died 1973
  • May 19 – Renee Asherson, actress, died 2014
  • April 10 – Harry Morgan, American actor died 2011
  • August 29 – Ingrid Bergman, actress died 1982
  • September 10 – Edmond OBrien, actor died 1985
  • December 14 – Dan Dailey, actor died 1978
  • December 13 – Curd Jurgens, actor died 1982
  • January 29 – Bill Peet, Disney author and illustrator died 2002
  • September 29 – Brenda Marshall, American actress died 1992
  • March 19 – Patricia Morison, actress died 2018
  • October 29 – Evi Rauer, Estonian actress died 2004
  • February 7 – Eddie Bracken, actor died 2002
  • May 6 – Orson Welles, actor, director died 1985
  • January 26 – William Hopper, actor; son of Hedda Hopper died 1970
  • April 21 – Anthony Quinn, actor died 2001
  • February 12 – Lorne Greene, actor died 1987
  • February 23 – Jon Hall, actor died 1979
  • August 15 – Signe Hasso, died 2002
  • May 8 – John Archer, American actor died 1999
  • February 28 – Zero Mostel, actor died 1977
  • January 11 – Veda Ann Borg, actress died 1973
  • January 30 – Dorothy Dell, actress died 1934
  • December 12 – Frank Sinatra, singer, actor died 1998
  • September 5 – Jack Buetel, actor died 1989
  • June 12 – Priscilla Lane, singer, actress died 1995
  • May 5 – Alice Faye, actress, died 1998
  • March 17 – Henry Bumstead, art director died 2006

3. Deaths

  • April 26 – John Bunny, 51, American silent film comedian, A Strand of Blond Hair, Bunnys Little Brother, Bunny Backslides
  • January 10 – Marshall P. Wilder, 55, American diminutive stage and screen actor
  • June 16 – Elmer Booth, 32, American silent screen actor, brother of film editor Margaret Booth, The Musketeers of Pig Alley, The Narrow Road, An Unseen Enemy
  • October 31 – Blanche Walsh, 42, American stage actress appeared in Zukors 3 reel feature "Resurrection" 1912
  • June 5 – John C. Rice, 58, stage and film actor, The Kiss

4. Film debuts

  • Mary Boland – The Edge of the Abyss
  • Fannie Ward – The Marriage of Kitty
  • Elliott Dexter – Helene of the North
  • W. C. Fields – Pool Sharks
  • Alice Brady – The Boss
  • Esther Ralston – The Deep Purple uncredited
  • Yakima Canutt – Foreman of Bar Z Ranch uncredited
  • Geraldine Farrar – Carmen
  • Laura Hope Crews – The Fighting Hope
  • Pauline Frederick – The Eternal City
  • Valeska Suratt – The Soul of Broadway
  • Otto Kruger – A Mothers Confession
  • Marie Doro – The Morals of Marcus
  • Charlotte Walker – Kindling
  • Victor Moore – Snobs
  • Marie Cahill – Judy Forgot
  • Charlotte Greenwood – Jane
  • Donald Brian – The Voice in the Fog
  • Reginald Denny – Niobe
  • Douglas Fairbanks – The Lamb
  • Edna Purviance – A Night Out short uncredited
  • Erich Von Stroheim – actor, assistant director, The Birth of a Nation uncredited; costume designer, wardrobe assistant, Ghosts
  • John Gilbert – Aloha Oe uncredited
  • Edmund Lowe – The Wild Olive

  • Alice in Wonderland is a 1915 American silent dark fantasy adventure film adaptation of Lewis Carroll s classic novel, Alice s Adventures in Wonderland
  • A list of films produced in Italy in 1915 see 1915 in film Italian films of 1915 at the Internet Movie Database
  • The Unknown is a 1915 silent film drama produced by Jesse Lasky and distributed by Paramount Pictures. Directed by George Melford, it stars Lou Tellegen
  • 1915 is a 2015 psychological thriller film co - written and directed by Garin Hovannisian and Alec Mouhibian. It is produced by Hovannisian and Mouhibian
  • was a 1915 film directed by J. E. Mathews released in support of The Sunny South or The Whirlwind of Fate 1915 It is considered a lost film Jack Kearns
  • Hypocrites, is a 1915 silent drama film written and directed by Lois Weber 1879 1939 The film contained several full nude scenes. The film is regarded as
  • This film - related list is incomplete you can help by expanding it. A List of American films of 1915 is a compilation of American films released in the
  • Esmeralda 1915 is a silent film starring Mary Pickford, directed by James Kirkwood, and produced by Adolph Zukor and stage impresario Daniel Frohman
  • is a 1915 American silent biographical crime drama co - written and directed by Raoul Walsh. The film which was the first full - length feature film directed