ⓘ 1909 in film


Dead Souls (1909 film)

Aleksandra Goncharova as A quite simply pleasant lady Ivan Kamskiy as Chichikov Antonina Pozharskaya as Plyushkins cook Pyotr Chardynin as Nozdrev L. Khrapovitskaya as A lady who is pleasent in all respects Ivan Potemkin as Petrushka Vasili Stepanov as Sobakevich


The Power of Darkness (1909 film)

The Power of Darkness is a 1909 Russian short silent art film. It is a film adaptation of the eponymous 1886 play by Leo Tolstoy, starring Pyotr Chardynin and Aleksandra Goncharova, and directed by Chardynin in his directorial debut. Like most Russian films of the era, it is considered lost.


Mazeppa (1909 film)

The film tells about the Hetman named Mazepa, who is in love with Kochubeys daughter, Maria, and asks her father for consent to marry her, but his father refuses him. This does not stop them and they run away.


Taras Bulba (1909 film)

Taras Bulba, is a 1909 Russian short film directed by Aleksandr Drankov. It is a silent film, based on the novel by Nikolai Gogol. In 1962, a long film of the same name, based loosely on the Gogol novel, premiered.


La Tosca (1909 film)

Charles Le Bargy: the Baron Scarpia, the ruthless police chief of Rome Rene Alexandre: Mario Cavaradossi, a painter and supporter Bonapartist her young lover Charles Mosnier: Cesare Angelotti, the leader of the opposition arrested by Scarpia Cecile Sorel: Floria Tosca, a famous opera singer

1909 in film

ⓘ 1909 in film

  • The New York Motion Picture Company is founded and also open a movie studio in Edendale. The studio is later used by Mack Sennetts Keystone Studios and then Mascot Pictures who become part of Republic Pictures.
  • October 25 – IMP release their first film, Hiawatha, based on the 1855 poem The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
  • February 4 – The Paris Film Congress begins, an attempt by leading European producers to form a cartel similar to that of the Motion Picture Patents Company in the United States.
  • December 20 – James Joyce opens the Volta Cinematograph, the first cinema in Dublin.
  • May 23 – The first news cinema, The Daily Bioscope, opens in London.
  • June 17 – In the Sultans Power is the first film ever completely made in Los Angeles, California. It is filmed by director Francis Boggs.
  • Carl Laemmle founds the Independent Moving Pictures Company IMP.
  • Selig Polyscope Company establish the first permanent movie studio in Los Angeles in Edendale, Los Angeles.
  • December 2 – Matsunosuke Onoe, who will become the first superstar of Japanese cinema, appears in his first film, Goban Tadanobu.
  • November 5 - A Nature Movie by Arthur C. Pillsbury using film to explore the wonders of Yosemite. This first showing was for John Muir, a friend, and associate of Pillsburys. Included was footage of the Hetch Hetchy. This film was then shown for the 1910 season at the Pillsbury Studio in Yosemite, advertised using postcards.
  • May 12 – Mr. Flip is released and is the first film to feature someone being hit in the face with a pie.

1.1. Films released in 1909 D. W. Griffith

  • The Golden Louis
  • A Trap for Santa Claus
  • Fools of Fate
  • Resurrection
  • The Drive for a Life
  • The Death Disc: A Story of the Cromwellian Period
  • The Hessian Renegades
  • The Red Mans View
  • The Country Doctor, starring Mary Pickford
  • Lady Helens Escapade
  • The Sealed Room
  • The Curtain Pole, directed by D.W. Griffith and Mack Sennett uncredited
  • Those Awful Hats
  • The Lonely Villa
  • A Drunkards Reformation
  • At the Altar
  • A Corner in Wheat

1.2. Films released in 1909 Georges Melies

  • The Doctors Secret
  • Le Locataire diabolique The Diabolical Tenant
  • Le papillon fantastique
  • The Counts Wooing

1.3. Films released in 1909 Others

  • Macbeth, directed by Andre Calmettes
  • Mr. Flip, directed by Gilbert M. Broncho Billy Anderson
  • The Airship Destroyer, directed by Walter R. Booth
  • The Fitzsimmons-Bill Lang Fight
  • The Adventures of Lieutenant Rose
  • Hiawatha, directed by William V. Ranous based on the 1855 poem The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the first film produced by Carl Laemmles Independent Moving Pictures.
  • Les Joyeux microbes, directed by Emile Cohl
  • Nerone, directed by Luigi Maggi
  • The Cowboy Millionaire, directed by Francis Boggs and Otis Turner
  • Entrevista de los Presidentes Diaz-Taft Mexico, a documentary directed by the Alva Brothers
  • Teddy Roosevelt in Africa, directed by Cherry Kearton

2. Births

  • Jose Ferrer, actor died 1992
  • January 3 – Victor Borge, musician, actor died 2000
  • January 8
  • January 1 – Dana Andrews, actor died 1992
  • Willy Millowitsch, actor died 1999
  • February 6 – Aino Talvi, Estonian actress d. 1992
  • January 22 – Ann Sothern, actress died 2001
  • February 9
  • Heather Angel, actress died 1986
  • Carmen Miranda, singer, actress died 1955
  • February 2 – Frank Albertson, actor died 1964
  • January 24 – Ann Todd, actress died 1993
  • January 15 – Gene Krupa, musician, actor died 1973
  • Max Baer – boxer, actor died 1959
  • Joseph L. Mankiewicz – director, screenwriter, producer died 1993
  • February 11
  • Michael Rennie, actor died 1971
  • May 15 – James Mason, actor died 1984
  • May 16 – Margaret Sullavan, actress died 1960
  • August 25
  • June 14 – Burl Ives, actor died 1995
  • March 26 – Chips Rafferty, actor died 1971
  • April 29 – Tom Ewell, actor died 1994
  • June 7 – Jessica Tandy, actress died 1994
  • March 19 – Louis Hayward, actor died 1995
  • July 12 – Curly Joe DeRita, actor died 1993
  • June 20 – Errol Flynn, actor died 1959
  • May 30 – Benny Goodman, musician, actor died 1986
  • June 8 – Robert Carson, actor died 1979
  • August 22 – Lucille Ricksen, actress died 1925
  • July 23 – Helen Martin, American actress died 2000
  • Ruby Keeler, singer, actress died 1993
  • February 16 – Jeffrey Lynn, actor died 1995
  • April 4 – Bobby Connelly, child actor died 1922
  • August 18 – Marcel Carne, director died 1996
  • July 1 – Madge Evans, actress died 1981
  • December 12 – Karen Morley, actress died 2003
  • October 20 – Carla Laemmle, actress died 2014
  • November 26 – Frances Dee, actress died 2004
  • September 7 – Elia Kazan, director died 2003
  • December 20 – Diane Ellis, actress died 1930
  • November 11 – Robert Ryan, actor died 1973
  • December 9 – Douglas Fairbanks Jr., actor died 2000
  • October 6 – Robert Carson, screenwriter died 1983


3. Deaths

  • January 27 – Benoit-Constant Coquelin, actor, Cyrano de Bergerac born 1841
  • September 4 – Clyde Fitch, author & playwright whose works have been adapted into films. born 1865

4. Film debuts

  • Florence La Badie – The Politicians Love Story
  • Marie Dressler – Marie Dressler short
  • Blanche Sweet – A Man with Three Wives
  • Annette Kellerman – The Bride of Lammermoor: A Tragedy of Bonnie Scotland
  • Rose Tapley – The Way of the Cross short
  • Clara Kimball Young – Washington Under the American Flag short
  • Francis Ford – The Stolen Wireless
  • Tom Mix – The Cowboy Millionaire
  • Billy Quirk – The Heart of an Outlaw
  • Mary Pickford – Mrs. Jones Entertains
  • Fatty Arbuckle – Bens Kid as Roscoe Arbuckle
  • William Stowell – The Cowboy Millionaire
  • Ethel Clayton – Justified short
  • Dolores Costello as a child – A Midsummer Nights Dream
  • Helene Costello as a child – Les Miserables Part I short
  • James Kirkwood – The Heart of an Outlaw short
  • William A. Russell – Tag Day short
  • In Old Kentucky is a 1909 American silent short drama film directed by D. W. Griffith. A print of the film exists in the film archive of the Library of
  • Macbeth 1908 film directed by J. Stuart Blackton Macbeth 1909 French film directed by Andre Calmettes Macbeth 1909 Italian film directed by Mario
  • Getting Even is a 1909 American silent short comedy film directed by D. W. Griffith. A print of the film exists in the film archive of the Library of
  • The Sacrifice is a 1909 American silent short drama film directed by D. W. Griffith. Harry Solter as Mr. Hardluck Florence Lawrence as Mrs. Hardluck Linda
  • Beatrice Cenci is a 1909 Italian silent historical film directed by Mario Caserini and starring Maria Caserini, Renato De Grais and Fernanda Negri Pouget
  • Pippa Passes or, The Song of Conscience is a 1909 silent short directed D. W. Griffith. It was produced and distributed by the Biograph Company. It is
  • Russian: Мазепа is a 1909 Russian drama film directed by Vasili Goncharov. The film tells about the Hetman named Mazepa, who is in love with Kochubey s

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