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The House That Jack Built (1900 film)

The House That Jack Built is a 1900 British short silent drama film, directed by George Albert Smith, featuring a boy who knocks over a house made of bricks built by his sister and then rebuilds it when the original sequence is shown in reverse. "In addition to exploiting a popular cinematic trick," of, "reversing the film in the projector," and, "its audiences presumed knowledge of the technique," the director, according to Michael Brooke of BFI Screenonline, "was continuing his experiments with narrative forms," with the reversed sequence, "interpreted as wish-fulfilment on the part of t ...


Faust and Marguerite (1900 film)

Faust and Marguerite is a 1900 American silent film produced and distributed by Edison Manufacturing Company. It was directed by Edwin S. Porter and based on the Michel Carre play Faust et Marguerite and the 1859 opera Faust adapted from the play by Charles Gounod.


The One-Man Band

The One Man Band is a 1900 French short silent film directed by Georges Melies. It was released by Meliess Star Film Company and is numbered 262–263 in its catalogs.

1900 in film

ⓘ 1900 in film

  • Reulos, Goudeau & Co. invent Mirographe, a 21 mm amateur format.
  • Gaumont-Demeny release their own 15 mm amateur format, Pocket Chrono.
  • Release of the first film version of Hamlet, an adaptation of the duel scene, with French actress Sarah Bernhardt playing the title role sic. and accompanying recorded sound.
  • Making of the first film to feature the detective character Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes Baffled, by the American Mutoscope and Biograph Company.
  • William N. Selig made The Chicago Stockyards - From Hoof to Market for Chicago-based Philip Danforth Armour, a prominent businessman in the meatpacking industry, showing the full meatpacking process from cattle being unloaded at the stockyards to canning. Studio lights didnt exist yet so stage spotlights had to be borrowed from the Richard Mansfield Theatrical Company to film inside the slaughterhouse.
  • Raoul Grimoin-Sanson also creates a sensation at the 1900 World Fair with his multi-projector Cineorama spectacle, which uses ten 70 mm projectors to create a simulated 360-degree balloon ride over Paris. The exhibit is closed before it formally opens, however, due to legitimate health and safety concerns regarding the heat of the combined projectors ons, and releases the format as La Petite.
  • The Lumiere Brothers premiere their new Lumiere Wide format for the 1900 World Fair. At 75 mm wide, it has held the record for over 100 years as the widest format yet developed.
  • Jeanne dArc becomes the first film of considerable length 10 mins to be shown entirely in colour.

1. Notable films released in 1900

  • Attack on a China Mission, directed by James Williamson.
  • How He Missed His Train, directed by Georges Melies.
  • Going to Bed Under Difficulties, directed by Georges Melies; possibly contains the first "Infinite Clothing" trick.
  • Reproduction of the McGovern and Dixon Fight, starring Terry McGovern and George Dixon.
  • Rough Sea, produced by Bamforth & Co Ltd.
  • The One-Man Band, directed by Georges Melies. One of the earliest use of multiple exposures in cinema In this film, 7 exposures.
  • 20.000 Employees Entering Lord Armstrongs Elswick Works, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, produced by Mitchell and Kenyon.
  • Let Me Dream Again, directed by George Albert Smith. May be the first attempt at a dissolve between 2 shots in cinema.
  • Ladies Skirt Nailed to a Fence, produced by Bamforth & Co Ltd.
  • Army Life, a documentary directed by Robert W. Paul on the training techniques of British soldiers. Most of it is currently lost. It was one of the oldest proto-feature films 20 short-films that when combined could have been seen as a feature film. Combined together it was originally over an hour in length, and over two hours when combined with a lecture and slides.
  • Automobile Parade, directed by William Daddy Paley.
  • Solser en Hesse, directed by M.H. Ladde.
  • Eine moderne Jungfrau von Orleans, directed by Max Skladanowsky.
  • How It Feels to Be Run Over, directed by Cecil Hepworth.
  • Explosion of a Motor Car, directed by Cecil Hepworth.
  • The Two Blind Men, directed by Georges Melies.
  • Grandmas Reading Glass, directed by George Albert Smith. One of the earliest examples of editing between medium and close-up shots in cinema.
  • Le village de Namo – Panorama pris dune chaise à porteurs, directed by Gabriel Veyre.
  • Messrs Lumb And Co., Leaving The Works, Huddersfield, produced by Mitchell and Kenyon.
  • The Beggars Deceit, directed by Cecil Hepworth.
  • Danse Serpentine In A Lions Cage, directed by Alice Guy.
  • The Enchanted Drawing, directed by J. Stuart Blackton.
  • The New Kiss, remake from The Edison Studios of their popular and controversial 1896 film.
  • As Seen Through a Telescope, directed by George Albert Smith. May be the first example of editing between medium and close-up shots in cinema.
  • Joan of Arc, directed by Georges Melies.
  • Sherlock Holmes Baffled, directed by Arthur Marvin.

2. Deaths

  • November 30 – Oscar Wilde, playwright whose works were made into films born 1854
  • November 22 – Arthur Sullivan, producer of musicals, half of the team of Gilbert and Sullivan born 1842
  • December 31 – Hannibal Goodwin, retired minister, in 1886 invented nitrate film roll. born 1822
  • Sejarah Film 1900 1950: Bikin Film di Jawa Indonesian for History of Film 1900 1950: Making Films in Java is a 2009 history of the cinema of the Dutch
  • 1900 Italian: Novecento, Twentieth Century is a 1976 epic historical drama film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci and featuring an international ensemble
  • This film - related list is incomplete you can help by expanding it. A list of American films released in 1900 1900 in the United States 1900 films at the
  • Arc French: Jeanne d Arc is a 1900 French silent film directed by Georges Melies, based on the life of Joan of Arc. In the village of Domremy, the young
  • the 1900 s in film involved some significant films Several full - length films were produced during the 1900 s decade Early Television 1900 in film 1901
  • et Juliette is a 1900 French film adaptation of the classic and famous William Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet. Play media This film version was directed
  • The year 1900 was marked, in science fiction, by the following events. April 1 : in French Fernand François, French writer d. 1991 May 22 : Wallace
  • d Hamlet, is a 1900 French film adaptation of an excerpt from the William Shakespeare play Hamlet. It is believed to have been the earliest film adaptation
  • 1900 January February March April May June July August September October November December 1900 MCM was an exceptional common year starting on Monday
  • Exhibition, 1900 French: Vues speciales de l Exposition de 1900 was a series of seventeen short French silent actuality films made in 1900 by Georges
  • film 1900 The Legend of 1900 Italian: La leggenda del pianista sull oceano, The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean is a 1998 Italian drama film directed