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Hedemunden is part of the city Hann. Munden in southern Lower Saxony. Until 1930, it was an independent municipality. About 1500 people live in the village.

  • Witzenhausen Nord above the city and on the other side of the Werra and Hedemunden to Hann. Munden. The Hanoverian Southern Railway was rebuilt from there
  • Helsa Witzenhausen the town is linked to the greater road network. In Hedemunden some 10 km away, is an interchange on the Autobahn A 7 Flensburg Fussen
  • Waldschlosschen Bridge Weidendammer Bridge Weihe Viaduct Werra Viaduct, Hedemunden Wommen Viaduct Adome Bridge Borgarfjardarbru Hvita bridge Kanpur over - bridge
  • of present - day Mainz and Rodgen, where he set up a base of supply, to Hedemunden where a strong new camp was established. Around this time, the canny
  • Tamm designed a huge imitation Roman viaduct for the Werra valley at Hedemunden Another factor in this change in style was the shortage of steel caused
  • Witzenhausen 05543 Staufenberg Niedersachsen 05544 Reinhardshagen 05545 Hedemunden 05546 Scheden 0555 05551 Northeim 05552 Katlenburg 05553 Kalefeld 05554
  • Drammetal 3 - way interchange A38 Rest area Heckelberg Hedemunden 75 Hann. Munden Hedemunden Werratalbrucke 422 m Rest area Hann. Munden - Humboldtblick
  • Vellmar - Niedervellmar - Fuldatal - Ihringshausen - Speele - Hann Munden - Hedemunden - Gertenbach - Witzenhausen Nord - Eichenberg - Arenshausen - Uder - Heilbad

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