ⓘ Kaimuki, Hawaii

Kaimuki, Hawaii

ⓘ Kaimuki, Hawaii

In the 19th century the area was a farm of King Kalākaua, where ostriches roamed wild over the mountain side. It later became the site of a carnation farm for funeral flowers. Now a mix of residential area with a small business district mainly restaurants and service industries, it is located in the urbanized Honolulu region near Kahala and Diamond Head.

Kaimukī is an ancient Hawaiian name. Its name comes from Ka IMU Ki means "the ti root oven" in the Hawaiian language. The area was known for the many ovens used to bake Ki, Cordyline fruticosa, or TI roots, into a sweet food similar to candy.

Kaimukīs main street Waala Avenue, is pronounced. Several restaurants and shops are on this street, and the area of the Park Kaimukī.

Puu o Kaimukī aka" Kaimuki hill” is a distinctive feature of the zone and reservoir, the Telegraph station, the Observatory and the Park.

  • area s Kaimuki Leilehua, and President William McKinley High Schools. Hawaii Rainbow Warrior Football 2018 Media Guide University of Hawaii 2018.
  • described by August Busck in 1914. It is endemic to the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The type locality is Kaimuki Honolulu. The larvae probably feed on lichens.
  • KAIM and broadcast from studios and a transmitter on 12th Avenue in the Kaimuki neighborhood, which gave rise to its callsign. An FM suffix was added in
  • elementary schools, 1 public charter school, and 1 special school. The current complex superintendent is Donna Kagawa. Kaimuki - McKinley - Roosevelt Complex Area
  • is of Irish and Chinese ancestry, began his martial arts career at the Kaimuki YMCA in Honolulu where he studied in 1953. He trained in Kenpo at the
  • Rise, a portion of Kapahulu, a portion of Kaimukī Diamond Head, Waikīkī, Ala Moana. DISTRICT V: Kapahulu, Kaimukī Pālolo Valley, St. Louis Heights, Mānoa
  • with rounded edges of the kind popular in the 1930s. Between them, on the Kaimuki side, is a purely decorative structure, a circular stonewalled planter
  • Kailua, Hawaii County, Hawaii Kailua High School Kailua, Honolulu County, Hawaii Kailua - Kona Kaimū Kaimuki Kaimuki High School Kaimuki - McKinley - Roosevelt
  • Kaimuki in Honolulu, Hawai i is a historic Roman Catholic college preparatory school for girls founded in 1909 to serve the needs of early Hawai i Catholics
  • section of the Criminal Division. Nakakuni grew up in Palolo, Hawaii and attended Kaimuki High School. She initially wanted to be a high school English
  • 13, 1958. Crane is memorialized in Honolulu by Crane Playground in the Kaimukī section of Honolulu at 21 17 9 N 157 48 53 W 21.28583 N 157.81472 W

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