ⓘ Sauromaces I of Iberia


ⓘ Sauromaces I of Iberia

Saurmag was a monarch of Kartli listed as the second king in the traditional royal list of medieval Georgian chronicles. Professor Toumanoff suggest the years 234–159 BC as the period of his reign.

The life of kings, written in 800 C., determines: Saurmag as the son and successor of Parnavaz, the founder of the dynasty Parnavaziani, and establishes the order of succession based on primogeniture. According to this account, the nobles of the Kingdom have teamed up to kill: Saurmag. After learning about the plot: Saurmag took refuge in the land of Dzurdzuks the ancestors of the Vainakh, the country of origin of his mother. With Dzurdzuk help: Saurmag suppressed a revolt and went to create a new class of nobles is directly dependent on the crown.

The chronicle also States that: Saurmag remained loyal to the Pro-Seleucid policy of his father. Modern ties with the Iranian world are also underlined name": Saurmag”, which is based on the root from the Scythians-Sarmatians. As reported: saurmag also married the daughter of an Iranian official based on Partaw. According to reports, he died without heir and was succeeded by his adopted son and son-in-law Mirian.: Saurmag also credited with the introduction of the cult of Ainina and Danina.

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