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Cheng County

ⓘ Cheng County

Cheng County or Chengxian is a county under the administration of Longnan City, in southeastern Gansu Province of China. It has a land area of 1.701 square kilometers and a population of 250.000 in 2004. The postal code is 742500, and the county seat is located in Chengguan Town.

  • Blue Lan Cheng - lung born March 1, 1979 is a Taiwanese actor and film director. He was born in Yilan, Taiwan. Lan made his acting debut in 2001 and gained
  • District of Khorramabad County Lorestan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 64, in 16 families. Cheshmeh Bid Cheng Baradeh can be found
  • Emily Cheng born in New York City, in 1953 is an American artist of Chinese ancestry. She is best known for large scale paintings with a center focus
  • National Cheng Kung University NCKU Chinese: 國立成功大學 成大 pinyin: Guolì Chenggōng Dàxue Pe h - ōe - jī: Kok - li p Sêng - kong Tāi - ha k is a public research
  • the warlord Liu Zhang during the late Eastern Han dynasty. Cheng Ji was from Langzhong County 閬中縣 Baxi Commandery 巴西郡 which is in present - day Langzhong
  • formal name Chiang Chung - cheng ROCS Chung Cheng LST - 224 the former American LST - 542 - class tank landing ship USS Lafayette County LST - 859 acquired by
  • of Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms period of China. Cheng Bing was from Nandun County 南頓縣 Runan Commandery 汝南郡 which is located west of present - day
  • Cheng Hào Chinese: 程顥, 1032 1085 Courtesy name Bochun Chinese: 伯淳 was a Chinese philosopher and politician from Luoyang, China. In his youth, he
  • brother is Cheng Yung - tang. He attended Chinese Culture University for graduate study in politics. Chen was the deputy speaker of the Hsinchu County Council

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