ⓘ Zay River

Zay River

ⓘ Zay River

The Zay River is a river in Russian Federation, a left-bank tributary of the Kama River. It is 270 kilometres long, and its drainage basin covers 5.020 square kilometres. It begins near Mikhaylovka, Leninogorsky District, Tatarstan and falls to the Kama River 7 kilometres south-west of Nizhnekamsk.

At its headwaters the river is named the Steppe Zay. The lower reach of the river after the confluence with Forest Zay River, 55 kilometres 34 mi, is named simply Zay. Also, one of headstream Steppe Zay’s tributaries is also named Zay. Other major tributaries are the Moshkara, Zay-Karatay, Ursala, Aktashka, and Shumyshka rivers.

The mineralization varies from 2000-3000 to 5000–8000 mg/l. Average sediment deposition at the river mouth per year is 130 millimetres 5.1 in. Drainage is regulated. There are two reservoirs, Zainsk and Karabash Reservoirs constructed in Zay valley. Since 1978 it is protected as a natural monument of Tatarstan. Zainsk, Almetyevsk and Karabash, Tatarstan are along the river.

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