ⓘ The Black Orchid (film)

The Black Orchid (film)

ⓘ The Black Orchid (film)

Rose Bianco Sophia Loren a florist widowed by a famous gangster, looks for happiness with widower Frank Valente Anthony Quinn. Rose is dealing with her son Ralph in a work farm for troubled boys, though Ralph is warned that if he runs away one more time he will be sent to reform school.

Frank has his grown up daughter and only child Mary Ina Balin takes care of everything for him. Noble and Mary love each other and are engaged, but Mary refuses to marry him because she worries about who will take care of her father. She asks Noble to marry her and stay with her in her father’s house, but Noble wishes to purchase a house near the location of his business in Atlantic City as he is tried of commuting. At the same time, however, she refuses to accept Rose as her stepmother and allow her to join the family. Before Frank’s wedding day Mary irons Frank’s clothes, cooks all the food and locks herself in her room. As Franks wife suffered from serious depression and mental illness after the birth of Mary, Frank fears that his late wifes mental illness has been inherited by his daughter. This leads Rose and Frank to call everything off, devastating them both.

Meanwhile Rose has taken Frank to visit her son Ralph at the work farm. It is agreed when Frank and Rose marry Ralph will be released into their custody. When Rose’s son finds out the wedding has been cancelled and he will not be able to leave, he runs away from the work farm, leading the police to come and search for him in the house. The next day, Noble comes and sees Frank is sleeping in his chair; Mary has still confined herself in upstairs. He asks her to come out, but there is no answer. The two men agree their only hope is to pray together. Noble decides he will drop Frank off at Rose’s house and will wait at the church for him. Frank finds out that Rose is waiting beside the telephone for news about Ralph and reveals how miserable he is, torn between her and his daughter.

Frank leaves and joins Noble in the church and Rose heads for Frank’s house to confront Mary. Her son comes to the church, hoping to see his mother one last time before they send him to reform school. Frank and Noble bring him back to the farm and manage an agreement with the boarding manager, Mr. Harmon. On the other hand, thinking herself alone in the house, Mary unlocks the door and comes out of the room. There she meets Rose, who has decided to try to help Frank find happiness, even if it is not with her. Rose argues her point with Mary and makes her understand Roses love for her father, and finally Mary accepts her, asking her to stay for coffee. Frank, Rose, Noble, and Mary have breakfast together. In the end, Rose and Frank take Ralph out of the work farm and the three happily walk toward the horizon.


1. Cast

  • Virginia Vincent. Alma Gallo
  • Naomi Stevens. Giulia Gallo
  • Frank Puglia. Henry Gallo
  • Sophia Loren. Rose Bianco
  • Whit Bissell. Mr. Harmon
  • Jimmy Baird. Ralph Bianco
  • Anthony Quinn. Frank Valente
  • Ina Balin. Mary Valente
  • Peter Mark Richman. Noble

2. Novelization

A worthwhile novelization of the screenplay was written by American writer Edward S. Aarons 1916-1975 under the mild pseudonym Edward S. Ronns, published in a mass market, tie-in paperback edition cover price 35¢ by Pyramid Books with 1959 copyright assigned to Pyramid as the Almat Publishing Corporation. Aarons is best known for his prolific "Assignment" espionage series, featuring agent Sam Durell.

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