ⓘ Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service

Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service

ⓘ Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service

The Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service serves as the head of the Secret Intelligence Service, which is part of the United Kingdom intelligence community. The Chief is appointed by the Foreign Secretary, to whom he directly reports. Annual reports are also made to the Prime Minister.

The chief of the secret intelligence service, as a rule, signs the letter with "C" in green ink. It comes from the original used captain Mansfield Smith-cumming, RN, when he signed the letter "C" in green ink. Since then, the head was known as S.

  • Secret Intelligence Service Security Service GCHQ and Defence Intelligence The JIC is supported by the Joint Intelligence Organisation under the Cabinet
  • intelligence By 1925, after several years of efforts, Mihail Moruzov managed to convince the Chief of Staff about the necessity of a secret service that
  • careers. In theory, the SNI supervised and coordinated the intelligence agencies of the three services but in practice the service agencies maintained
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  • of the British Secret Intelligence Service from 1979 to 1982. Educated at Rugby School and Queen s College, Oxford, Franks was commissioned into the Royal

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