ⓘ Brampton North (provincial electoral district)

Brampton North (provincial electoral district)

ⓘ Brampton North (provincial electoral district)

Brampton North is a provincial electoral district in Ontario. It was originally created prior to the 1987 election from part of Brampton. It existed for the 1987, 1990, and 1995 elections. It was abolished in 1999 into Bramalea - Gore - Malton - Springdale, Brampton Centre, Brampton West - Mississauga. For the 2018 election, it was re-created from Bramalea - Gore - Malton, Brampton - Springdale, and Brampton West.

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  • correspond to the federal districts that were in place before the 2004 adjustment. Ontario had separate provincial electoral districts prior to 1999. The following
  • had stated that he would most likely run in Brampton East, which includes the bulk of his old provincial riding, in the 2019 election. Soon after his

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