ⓘ Loire-Atlantique's 1st constituency


ⓘ Loire-Atlantiques 1st constituency

The 1st constituency of Loire-Atlantique is a French legislative constituency in the Loire-Atlantique departement. Like the other 576 French constituencies, it elects one MP using the two-round system, with a run-off if no candidate receives over 50% of the vote in the first round.

  • Isere 21.64 Hauts - de - Seine 20.74 Ille - et - Vilaine 20.59 and Loire - Atlantique 20.16 It also did very well in large, wealthy urban centres such
  • Assembly for Loire - Atlantique s 7th constituency quits the LREM and the LREM s parliamentary group. She joined Liberties and Territories s parliamentary
  • National Assembly. 2 July The LGV Bretagne - Pays de la Loire and LGV Sud Europe Atlantique are opened by President Macron. 16 July - Tribute to the
  • parliamentary systems There are 577 deputes, each elected by a single - member constituency through a two - round voting system. Thus, 289 seats are required for a
  • is a school of textile weaving. Epinal is contained within Vosges 1st constituency for elections to the National Assembly. SAS Epinal is based in the
  • Archived from the original on 2008 - 10 - 11. on the website for the Verts de Loire - Atlantique Stepfamily in French Marie Quenet, Duflot, l inconnue reelue 
  • Minister 2012 - 2014 Replaced by Jean - Pierre Fougerat when he was appointed 1st Minister 2012 - 2014 Elected after Jerome Cahuzac PS resignation Replaces
  • defeat of the so - called constituency Mayor showed that Bordeaux was rocking increasingly left. Finally, in the third constituency of the Gironde, Noel
  • the departement of the Loire - Inferieure to the National Convention - which proclaimed the French Republic on 22 September. Fouche s interests brought him

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