ⓘ Jianyang District

Jianyang District

ⓘ Jianyang District

Jianyang is a district in Nanping prefecture in the northern part of Fujian province, Peoples Republic of China. Its population was 2.910.000 at the 2013.

Jianyang has rich natural resources: bamboo, tea and water power.

  • District in Wenjiang District Chengdu, Sichuan Yongning, Xinjiang, in Yanqi Hui Autonomous County, Xinjiang Yongning Township, Chengdu, in Jianyang
  • Siming District is an urban district of the city of Xiamen, Fujian province, China. It includes the territory of the old town of Xiamen and the government
  • and Qing dynasty hall, China national treasure hall, Jianyang printing museum and Yangzhou jianyang printing hall. Exhibits date from the neolithic age
  • County 会龙镇 Sichuan Huilong, Zigong, in Da an District Zigong, Sichuan Huilong Township, Fujian, in Jianyang Huilong Township, Henan, in Tongbai County
  • Tong an District simplified Chinese: 同安区 traditional Chinese: 同安區 pinyin: Tong ān Qū Pe h - ōe - jī: Tang - oaⁿ - khu is a northern mainland district of Xiamen
  • Sanyuan District Chinese: 三元 pinyin: Sānyuan is a district of the city of Sanming, Fujian province, People s Republic of China.
  • Meilie District Chinese: 梅列 pinyin: Meilie is a district of Sanming, Fujian province, People s Republic of China.
  • Xinluo District simplified Chinese: 新罗区 traditional Chinese: 新羅區 pinyin: Xīnluo Qū Hakka: Sin - lo - khi is a district of Longyan, Fujian province, People s
  • rice - growing area on Jianxi Brook, about 70 kilometres 43 mi south from Jianyang The Jian ou dialect, a dialect of Northern Min, is spoken in Jian ou.

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