ⓘ Jian'ou


ⓘ Jianou

Jianou is a county-level city in Nanping in northern Fujian province, China. Under the name Jianning, it was formerly the seat of its own prefecture and was the namesake of its province.

Jianou in large bamboo and rice-growing area in Jianxi Creek, about 70 kilometres 43 miles South from Jianyang.

In Jianou dialect, the dialect of the Northern mines, said in Jianou.

  • Ài jiǔ jiàn renxīn Love Reveals in the Long Run simplified Chinese: 爱久见人心 traditional Chinese: 愛久見人心 is the 12th studio album by Fish Leong. It was
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  • 万寿 was a Japanese era name 年号, , nengō, , literally year name after Jian and before Chōgen. This period spanned the years from July 1024 through July
  • lower Yangtze region using mostly water transport, with just a few portages. Jian ware was produced here during the Song dynasty. Master Xiong Zhonggui s Jiyufang
  • stations were added in Nantai in 1886, Kucheng in 1889, Luoyuan in 1893, Jian ou Pingnan and other sites in 1903, Songxi in 1907, and Pucheng in 1908.
  • Ye Wang Xiao as Zhao Yang Yu Zikuan as Ou Yezi Liu Jun as Gan Jiang Yang Xiaoyang as Mo Ye Ren Wu as Zhongli Jian Zhong Lin as Master Ma Hou Yu as Zhong
  • Japanese era name 年号, , nengō, , lit. year name after Chōwa and before Jian This period spanned the years from April 1017 through February 1021. The

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